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Why parents valued education fund newborn answer here

Really is not easy to raise a child, not only must manage their eating and sleeping, their education but also to the tube, so now a lot of parents concerned about the newborn Education Fund, where the newborn Education Fund in the end why are they important?

Important cause of neonatal Education Fund

Many parents sure that children born and no school, no education fund, but you know, if you wait until the child’s education fund to go to school when the store was already late, so many parents from children at birth is children start preparing education fund, which is called the neonatal Education Fund.

1, children need to be educated

As society continues to progress, we have entered the information age of knowledge economy, education is very important for each of us. In our country, most families have only one child, but now let go of a second child, a lot of families with two babies. Whether a child or two children, the child is the hope of the family, so parents hope that their children receive the best education, so in order to grow up with social progress, will not lag behind others.

2, the high cost of education, must plan ahead

Just want to have children receive the best education, is the need to pay a certain “price”, that is the high cost of education. A child from birth to primary school, high school, graduation until college, education, the total cost of around 40 million, that’s not counting the cost of the children need to go abroad to study.Education costs soaring, the proportion of expenditure on education of children in family life growing up. So, from the birth of a child is not ready to begin an educational fund can do? You know, children’s education can not be delayed, for example, said that this year I have no money, do not let the children go to school, so rich in, this is simply not true. So that’s why parents are very focused on cause of neonatal Education Fund.

Neonatal stored Education Fund are as follows

First, the education payments insurance

Education payments insurance in these few years time, by parents welcome. Because it has the following advantages:

1, earmarking: education payments insurance it is prescribed, not to the time under normal circumstances could not be removed, otherwise it will affect the principal, it can do earmarked specifically for use on children’s education funds, like as we usually say pension, used in specialized pension.

2, compulsory savings: Many parents keep children Although promising idea of ​​education fund, but always because of some misfortune led to the stored education fund for use in other places, and the purchase of education payments insurance is not the same, it belongs to a long-term investment, as long as the start insured, to pay premiums every year in accordance with the agreement, which also acts as a forced savings, parents must be forced to pay this premium, forcing parents to save money.

  1. Safety: buy education insurance payment, equal to put money in an insurance company which “registered” at a certain time out, as the insured worry about their own money to get it back, as long as you choose a regular insurance companies.

4, taking into account insurance coverage: education payments insurance, as a kind of “insurance”, it can also be provided for children insured personal guarantee, such as accident protection, security and other diseases.

Although more than education payments insurance advantages, but it also has the same drawback, the disadvantage is not high in terms of income, it is difficult to resist inflation. In addition, each year also need to pay a certain premium, the risk can not afford to pay the premiums, once can not afford to pay, is likely to require the surrender, surrender will cause some economic losses.

Second, government bonds and bank deposit

It is the State Treasury to the credit of the bonds for the endorsement, its security is still quite high, its risk is negligible. And although the bank is also possible bankruptcy liquidation, but the probability is very low, security is not to worry

Some parents will choose to buy shares to keep education fund for their children, this is a natural method of storage, but the parents did not quite study of the stock, it is best not to choose this easy way to store, share despite high returns, but it the risk is very large, is likely to make a loss of your principal phenomenon, not only to the education fund did not exist, but let you lose more principal.

About Education Fund newborn storage, combined with a choice of three ways parents can choose what kind of parents can be combined with their own actual situation to be.


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