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Who is your best choice? Processor purchase in early 2019

Who is your best choice? Processor purchase in early 2019

For the processor market, the past 2018 is a year of harvest, and the application of various new technologies and new processes such as 12nm, 32 core, Zen+ new architecture, brazing, etc. that broke out during the year has made consumers Can buy more and better products. On the occasion of the new year, these products will be more cost-effective under the winter vacation and various promotional promotions before the spring, so how can consumers make decisions in the face of so many choices?

Top consumer processor shopping guide

Product composition

In the past few years in this market, with the Core X series processor, Intel can be said to be “single and lose”, but with the advent of the AMD Ruilong Threadripper processor last year, the top consumer processor market at the top of the pyramid is also like the mainstream. Like consumer-grade processors, it has become especially exciting.

At present, AMD’s products sold in this market mainly consist of six products including the second-generation Ruilong Threadripper processor and the first-generation Ruilong Threadripper processor released this year. The number is small, but each product for competitors is quite lethal – from the design for the workstation market, with 32 core, 64 thread specifications of the Cyclone Threadripper 2990WX to the cost-effective sharp Threadripper 1920X 12 core, 24 thread processing Very attractive.

Intel’s product models in this part of the market are much more, just the latest 9 series Extreme Edition processor has 7 models, from 18 core Core i9-9980XE to the lowest 8 core, 16 thread Core i7-9800X At the same time, its previous generation 7 series Extreme Edition processor launched in 2017 from the 8-core, 16-thread Core i7-7820X to 18 core Core i9-7980XE also has about 6 products still on the market. So you can see that the current top-tier consumer processor market is also quite exciting. A total of nearly 20 products are sold in the market. So how should consumers choose? Let us first clarify the needs of consumers.

Demand Analysis

Compared with ordinary consumer processors, one obvious difference of such processors is the number of processor cores and the number of computation threads. This is because users who use top-level consumer processors are very valued for multi-threaded computing performance, and there are application requirements for multi-threaded computing performance such as animation rendering, video processing, 3D design, and live video. Therefore, we believe that when purchasing such processors, users should purchase products with more multi-threaded computing performance within a limited budget.

Products Recommended

Therefore, from the point of view of demand, there is no doubt that AMD’s Ruilong Threadripper processor is quite brilliant. After all, the lowest-level Ruilong Threadripper 1920X processor in this “hierarchy” also has a 12-core, 24-thread design, and its price is also 4499 yuan, only comparable to the competitor’s 8-core processor Core i7-7820X, about 1100 yuan cheaper than the new generation Core i7-9800X 8 core processor. And its multi-core computing performance is obviously a lot stronger.

At the same time, looking at other 24 core, 16 core products, almost all of the Ruilong Threadripper processor not only has better multi-threaded performance, but also a lot cheaper price, so there is no doubt in the purchase of top consumer processors. We recommend that consumers prioritize the Radeon Threadripper processor.

High-end consumer processor shopping guide

In the high-end consumer processor products, AMD mainly has AMD first generation and second generation four Ruilong 7 series processors such as Ruilong 7 2700X, Ruilong 7 2700 and Ruilong 7 1700X. Intel is composed of the eighth generation and the ninth generation of the Core i9-9900K, Core i7-9700K, Core i7-8700K (Note: Although there are some seventh-generation Core i7 processors on the market, we Users are not recommended to consider these prices are not much cheaper, but only use the old products of the four-core design, do not do the “receiving man” to inventory. It can be said that the main products sold by the two sides are about 10 models. The products do not seem to have much market for the top processor, but it is still necessary to clearly define their own needs.

Demand analysis

The characteristics of this type of processor generally have more cores or threads, mostly in more than 12 computing threads, and also have strong single-core performance. This is because the performance requirements of such processor users are relatively high, and the application scenarios are also diverse. They generally need to complete a variety of tasks such as financial or scientific computing, video image processing, 3D design, etc., and also have high demand for entertainment. I hope that in Battlefield 5 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, 3A The perfect experience of achieving the highest quality in the game masterpiece.

Products Recommended

When purchasing this part of the product, the user needs to pay attention to balance the budget allocation of the processor and the graphics card. If you have a big demand for playing games, then the leverage should be tilted towards the graphics card. After all, regardless of Ruilong or Core, both types of processors are currently very powerful products, and the difference in game performance between processors is far from the difference between different grades of graphics cards.

For example, if you don’t have money, just want to pursue the best processor game performance, then the Core i9-9900K is a good choice. However, if the budget is limited, you can consider replacing it with the same level of the Ruilong 7 2700X. After all, the price of the Core i9-9900K is as high as 4,499 yuan, which is nearly 2,000 yuan more than the Ruilong 7 2700X. This means that if you use these budgets on your graphics card, then the graphics card you originally intended to purchase is the RTX 2070, and you can now upgrade your graphics card to the RTX 2080.

Mainstream consumer processor shopping guide

At present, the mainstream processor products are very rich. AMD is mainly composed of the first and second generation Ruilong 3 and Ruilong 5 series processors. There are 9 main products being sold in the market – 6 from the highest end. Core, 12-threaded Ruilong 5 2600X to Ruilong 3 1200 4 core processor for less than 500 yuan.

Intel’s side is mainly composed of the 9th and 8th generation Core i5, and the 8th generation Core i3, and its products are also up to seven models – from 6 core, 6 threaded Core i5-9600K to the first 4 core Designed by the Core i3-8100. Similarly, we do not recommend that you consider the seventh-generation Core i5 and Core i3 products. After all, the technical specifications of these products are far from the current level of products, and there is no advantage in price.

Demand analysis

In this type of user group, their needs are also varied, there is a need for strong processor performance, various office processing, financial analysis, audio and video playback, but the graphics performance requirements are not too high, may only occasionally play “Jesus survival” “”, “League of Legends” these popular online games for families or enterprises; users with limited budget, need strong processor performance, but more need high-performance discrete graphics. In short, the demand of this part of the user group has no clear direction. Before buying, you need to consider the direction of your usual use of the computer, and then decide which type of processor to use.

Products Recommended

In this processor segment, AMD processors maintain an advantage in both product specifications and price/performance ratios in most products. For example, the full range of processors of the Ruilong 5 are open to SMT synchronous multi-threading technology, which makes the performance of the Ruilong 5 2600X with the same 6-core design better than the Core i5-9600K. The former Master Lu’s 5.15 processor score exceeded 130,000 points, while the latter only had about 97,000 points. The same situation also appeared in the performance comparison of many similar Ruilong 5 and Core i5 products.

From our previous tests, it can not only easily run the mainstream online games such as “League of Legends” and “Tank World” with the highest quality or high image quality, but also has 1080p full HD resolution and low image quality settings. The ability to run “Jesus Survival” smoothly. The Core i5-8400 is completely unable to rely on its own core graphics card to “eat chicken”, and its frame rate is only 10fps. So if you are an office worker, you still need to run some games in your usual application. Then the Ruilong 5 2400G is a better choice. If you only value processor performance, you can also consider the Core i5-8400.

Entry-level processor shopping guide

Finally, let’s talk briefly about the choice of the entry-level processor market. There are currently four AMD processors in the entry-level processor market. All four are APUs, of which the Athlon 200GE uses a 14nm process, Zen-based dual-core four-thread design, and is equipped with a Vega display core with 192 stream processors. The A8-9600 is a quad-core processor with an excavator architecture, clocked at 3.4GHz, with a Radeon R7 display core with 384 stream processors. They all run “League of Legends” smoothly at 1080p resolution and highest quality, and allow users to experience large-scale 3D online games such as “Watching Pioneer” at low quality settings.

Athlon 200GE is the star product of the entry-level market?

In addition, AMD has two very cost-effective, entry-level APUs based on the Carrizo architecture – the A8-7680 and the A6-7480. The former uses a quad-core design with a maximum acceleration frequency of 3.8GHz and a Radeon R7 display core with 384 stream processors supporting DDR3 memory. The latter has a slightly lower positioning and a dual-core design with a maximum acceleration frequency of 3.8GHz and a built-in Radeon R5 display core with 256 stream processors. Both processors can meet the daily Internet and office needs of users, and have the ability to run popular online games smoothly under high special effects.

Currently in the market, the new licensed AMD A6-7480 official price is 299 yuan, while the quad-core A8-7680 and A8-9600 official price is 399 yuan, the official price of the Athlon 200GE is about 439 yuan. At the same time, major motherboard manufacturers such as ASUS, Gigabyte, Colorful, etc. also give a package price ranging from 500 to 600 yuan, almost equivalent to the price of a processor of the same grade, and the purchase is more affordable.

Intel products, mainly consist of two Pentium G5500, G5400 dual-core, four-thread processor based on Coffee Lake architecture, and the “Veteran” Pentium G4560 processor with Kaby Lake architecture. Their processor performance is good, but only the Pentium G5500 integrates the full-size UHD630 core graphics card (Note: the Pentium G5400 and G4560 are integrated with the HD 610 with half the technical specifications of UHD 630), and the “Master Lu” shows the performance score. The score is 10,000 points, while the Athlon 200GE scores above 17,000 points.

At the same time, their prices are high, both above 520 yuan, not only significantly higher than the Athlon 200GE, even higher than the 4 core Ruilong 3 1200. In addition, in the entry-level market, Intel also has old dual-core products such as Celeron G1820, Pentium G3220, and Pentium G4400 sold in various channels. However, most of these products are used or refurbished by merchants, and we do not recommend them here.


Clearly allocate funds reasonably

Due to the advent of the Zen architecture, the performance difference between AMD and Intel’s two processors is very small. Therefore, when purchasing a processor, you must consider how to target it. If you want to play games, you should consider using more budget to purchase more powerful graphics cards while maintaining processor performance.

And if you want to get the entry-level computer all-inclusive, in addition to the enough processor and graphics performance, the startup speed does not fall, then while ensuring the performance of the processor, you also need to set aside more than 100 yuan, buy a 128GB SSD . In short, in the AMD, Intel two processor manufacturers of the same level of technology today, to determine the maximum demand for their own use of computers, the rational allocation of funds is the main flaw in the purchase of processors.

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