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Who is the final school age? Enrollment at the age of six

The question about children going to school has always caused quite a lot of topics.

“You can’t let your child lose on the starting line. It is a good thing to go to school early.” Mr. Wu, a citizen of Nanchang, Jiangxi Province said.

On April 9, 2018, Nanchang announced the implementation of compulsory education exemption for the admission of nearby schools. The primary school entrance age is children born before August 31, 2012 and aged 6 years.

Mr. Wu’s child is only 6 years old after 3 days. “If a child can’t go to elementary school this year, he has to read another year of kindergarten.” Speaking of this, Mr. Wu looked helpless.

A well-known domestic website conducted a survey on how to treat children who are 6 years old and entered primary school. Among the 86,400 participants, 73.9% chose “approval” and 20.1% chose “question”. Good to say” accounted for 6.0%.
“How to determine the age of primary school students, who is to determine? For many years, schools, parents and education experts are the same.” Some experts believe that the 1992 Compulsory Education Law Regulations clearly stipulate that school-age children The age and age of admission for compulsory education for juveniles shall be determined by the provincial people’s government in accordance with the provisions of the Compulsory Education Law and the actual conditions in the region. But so far, no province in the country has made specific provisions in accordance with the above-mentioned superior law. At present, the practice is to determine the age of schooling by the municipal education administrative department of the district.


Every year, the school season will affect the hearts of many parents.

It is understood that when the education department of the multi-site education system publishes the compulsory education enrollment policy, it will be marked as “under the compulsory education law, the primary school enrollment age is 6 years old.” Although the rules are clear, many primary school principals are still plagued by various “paper strips” that are less than 6 years old.

In order to enable the children born on September 3 to break through the “6-year-old schooling” rule, a Shanghai-based parent is even more ingenious, and he changed the birth month of the child in the household registration book.
This “creative” once passed the teacher who reviewed the admission qualification. Later, when the school and the police station checked the list of the age-appropriate students, they found the hustle and bustle of the household registration.

The legal person believes that this parent should take great risks for children to go to school. Because of the act of forging or altering the household registration, it is suspected of falsifying the crimes of state organs. Those who are light may be sentenced to imprisonment for not more than three years, criminal detention, control or deprivation of political rights; if the circumstances are serious, they shall be sentenced to imprisonment for not less than three years and not more than 10 years.

According to the reporter, because the family that “has been waiting for a few days, it is necessary to wait for one year” is not a case. Many parents who were born after August 31 are confused.

Mr. Li is an executive of a pharmaceutical company in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province. He has always been working smoothly, and he has always felt a little blocked.

Since the kindergarten did not have an age limit when receiving children, Mr. Li’s daughter entered the kindergarten class less than 3 years old. Although the age of the other children in the class is smaller, the daughter does not have much difference in intelligence and hands-on ability.
The daughter went all the way to the kindergarten class and went to elementary school. Mr. Li asked people to find a lot of relationships and finally chose a primary school that was not too far away from home. When Mr. Li took the hukou to sign up, he was taken a head: “Only children born before August 31, only children born after that can not enter school.”

In desperation, the daughter who had graduated from the kindergarten class was recently sent back to the original kindergarten, “re-classifying the previous year”.

Ms. Wang of Kunming City, Yunnan Province, the expected date of delivery is September 3, but she insisted on caesarean section on August 30, despite the doctor’s objection. “After a few days, the child will have to postpone for one year to go to school.”

“In order to let children read a year in advance, at the end of August every year, many expectant mothers ask doctors to perform caesarean section in advance, and they are afraid that the baby will study for one year at night.” Tongji Hospital Obstetrician told reporters.
For these almost “crazy” moves, the industry believes that August 31 is an iron law that has been maintained for many years, and parents have long been used to it. Because high-quality schools attract a large number of social resources and outstanding students, the imbalance of educational resources is intensified, resulting in a polarization between schools in the same region. “Therefore, parents want their children to learn in the morning, and in the end are the pursuit of quality education.”

Ms. Wu, the son of Chengdu, Sichuan Province, was born in October. She took a fancy to a nearby famous school. Due to her age, Ms. Wu has racked her brains and spent a lot of effort and failed to do so. “The middleman said that children under the age of 6 cannot collect information on the computer.”

Therefore, Ms. Wu adopted the “curve to school” tactics. She first looked for a private school in the suburbs with a small population, so that her son had a student status. A year later, she transferred her son to a school that she had previously seen.

Although it is very troublesome, the transfer has also brought some influence to the child’s psychology, but Ms. Wu still thinks it is worthwhile. “I have won the child for a year and I have a school that I am satisfied with.”
Parent school experts have different opinions

The Compulsory Education Law stipulates that children who are 6 years of age or older, regardless of gender, ethnicity or ethnicity, should enter the school to receive compulsory education for a specified number of years.

In practice, the primary school entrance deadline for most areas of the country is set at August 31. The education department explained that because the start of the new school year is generally September 1, it is only on August 31 of each year.

In other words, one or two months or even a few days on August 31, you have to wait another year to go to school. This regulation has caused many parents to be distressed and caused a lot of controversy.

Relevant experts believe that primary school enrollment should be different from person to person. Possessing at a young age may result in inattention and lack of interest in learning, which is not conducive to the growth of the child.

When she remembered her daughter Xiaorui’s first day of school, Ms. Zhao regretted it. she cries and holds me away, exactly the same as when she went to kindergarten on the first day.”
Later, the teacher reflected that Xiaorui’s ability to accept knowledge was worse than that of her classmates. Gradually, Ms. Zhao also found that her daughter’s writing speed was slow and she often finished her homework very late.

A class teacher, Mr. Hong, has taken many first-grade grades. Her feeling is that in the same class, if there are few differences between children of different ages, the difference in the degree of knowledge of children who are a few months apart In terms of ability, there is a certain gap. “Some children are young and have poor reception ability, which is a blow to personal confidence.”

“It’s one year late in the evening and one year later in the evening.” This is a common idea of ​​many parents who want to let their children learn in the morning. If the child is studying in the next year, then the graduation is too late, and the job is too late. Learning can get more time for the future.

A doctor from Guangzhou Children’s Hospital of Guangdong Province believes that from a medical point of view, the difference between brain development and intelligence level is not large compared to children aged 5 and 6 years old, but from the perspective of mental development, 6-year-old children will It is more mature, more “qualitative”, and relatively self-restraint.
How old is the child starting to go to school? The headmaster of a small school in Chengdu said, “It is in line with the physical and mental development characteristics of most children when they are 6 years old. But if parents and children have a strong willingness to enroll in advance, they can also consider the wishes of parents.” According to her, most of the children between the ages of 5 and a half and 6 years old who have been recruited have adapted to the learning life of primary schools.

Some experts believe that all discussions about school age highlight one thing in common, that is, the child’s development and mental maturity. However, people have individual differences. Some people are actually very old, and their psychological age is extremely immature. Some people are not old enough, but their psychological age is already very large.

In view of the many problems brought about by the current 6-year-old primary school entrance threshold, some experts suggested that in addition to enrolling students who meet the age requirements, primary school students can arrange some tests for children under 6 years of age to test whether the child has reached the student’s level. Psychological conditions. Establish a scientific admission assessment method to replace the hard requirement for date of birth. “If their physical and mental ability is fully capable of going to school, they should be given the opportunity to enter school.”

The age of admission is determined by the city of the district
As early as December 6, 2009, there was a reply message on the official website of the Ministry of Education about whether children under the age of 6 can enroll in school, which caused widespread concern and speculation in society.

“Children who have completed early childhood education, but are still two or three months away from 6 years old, can they receive compulsory education?” When answering this question from netizens, the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Education replied: If the parents send distances on September 1st Children who are only 6 years old and who are 6 years old or older are admitted to school. Can the school accept it? There is no clear regulation in the law. According to the legislative purpose of the Compulsory Education Law “to guarantee the right of school-age children and adolescents to receive compulsory education”, “we believe that schools can consider receiving and vaccinating students who have reached the age of 6 after enrolling in school. Children who are about to be 6 years old are enrolled.”

Lawyer Chen Yong believes that this reply of the Ministry of Education should be very serious: First of all, the Ministry of Education is very aware of the compulsory education law, knowing that the law “is not clearly defined” for a few years to go to school. Second, the Ministry of Education explained the legislation of the compulsory education law. The purpose is to clarify the significance of the compulsory education law. Third, the Ministry of Education has considered the situation of both the school and the parents very humanely and made a “can be considered” response.
Some people have also speculated that the Ministry of Education will “relax” the age limit for admission. However, what many parents did not expect was that one day later, the website of the Ministry of Education took the initiative to withdraw this message, and stated that the local education administrative department should implement the “year-old 6-year-old admission” rule.

Since then, local education departments have expressed their stance, “Before receiving the official documents of the Ministry of Education on the age of admission, it is still necessary to strictly follow the original regulations.”

Some parents believe that the compulsory education law stipulates that children who have reached the age of 6 should be enrolled in school.
For this issue, a local court in Nanjing seems to give the answer. Previously, Mr. Gu of Nanjing was unable to “enter the school” because of his daughter’s name, and the local education bureau was brought to court in the name of her daughter. In the end, the court did not hear the question of whether it was “close to school”, but procedurally ruled that the plaintiff’s lawsuit was dismissed. The court held that Mr. Gu’s daughter was not 6 years old before August 31 of the same year. According to the compulsory education law and local regulations of Jiangsu Province, she did not reach school age, and she was not a qualified subject.
That is to say, the court found that the compulsory education law stipulates that the admission requirement is “to enter school at the age of 6 years”.

On July 17, 2008, Hubei Province promulgated the “Measures for the Implementation of the Compulsory Education Law
On May 29, 2014, the Ninth Meeting of the Standing Committee of the 12th National People’s Congress of Sichuan Province passed the “Implementation Measures for the Compulsory Education Law of the People’s Republic of China” by 62 votes in favor, 1 against, and 4 abstentions. A clear date limit for the “6 years old before September 1st” in the first draft.

“The “Implementation Measures” may avoid the “one size fits all” phenomenon that occurred on the 1st of September. Previously, due to this limitation, some children will go to school nearly one year later, and they will be enrolled at the age of almost seven years old.”
On February 22, 2017, the “Notice on Doing a Good Job in Enrollment for Compulsory Education in 2017” issued by the General Office of the Ministry of Education stipulates: “The deadline for birth of children attending the first grade of primary school shall be prescribed by the provincial education administrative department according to the law. And the actual situation is determined.”

Some experts believe that the Ministry of Education mentioned the age of enrollment for the first time in the notice of compulsory education enrollment, which is not a new measure. It only reiterates the relevant provisions in the implementation rules of the compulsory education law.

On April 7, 2017, the Shandong Provincial Department of Education issued the “Notice on Doing a Good Job in Enrollment for Primary and Secondary Schools in 2017”. The notice stipulates that the first year of primary school children’s deadline for birth, the province does not make uniform regulations. The municipal education administrative department shall make overall decisions based on laws and regulations, changes in school-age population, and education supply.

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