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The seven children’s education Mistakes Parents Do not go wrong!

Now on the road to educate their children, many parents will inevitably walk into some errors, not only did not let the children to become more clever, but let the children become more rebellious, and here we take a look at small series, in the end childhood education Mistakes What?

Mistakes children’s education

1, let the child experience risk

Now the children are the parents of palm treasure, afraid of in your mouth, and fear fell in my hands, in short, is a plus for child care, for fear that children are a little bit of hurt, of course, as parents obligation, the children grow up in such a “four walls” environment will have a negative effect exists. European Psychologists have found that if a child does not fall experience, then after his adult phobias to more easily find him.

Therefore, parents should be appropriate to let go, as long as there are no major injury cases, allows children to experience a little frustration, hurt by a little, if the parents that their children completely avoid all risks, then the future child will turn into a arrogance of people because he was under your protection, never received a little hurt.

2, the parents help too fast

Many parents in the care of a child, to see your child is having a little problem, solve it quickly stepped forward for the children, in fact, when the children encounter difficulties, we should let him resolve it by themselves, it is not in his ability to resolve cases next, go help him. If parents blindly help children solve problems, until his adult life, he would become “inert”, as long as there is trouble waiting for someone to help, but others can really help him? In other words, this approach weakens the child’s competitiveness.

3, and children do not share their past mistakes

Some parents in their own children, they will make mistakes, but do not share with their children, he did not think such a deterrent effect on children is concerned, it is not true, to teach your children by some of the “lessons learned” , can play a better effect. For example, in their own time on smoking in junior high school, parents should tell their children that smoking a great influence on children’s health will be, let the children know the dangers of smoking, as children should not do so.

4, the parents did not set an example

As a parent, if there are some bad problems, it will naturally led astray by their own children, you know, parents are the first teacher of the child life. So if you want children to become “good boy”, provided that parents should set an example, for example, want their children to be honest do not lie, so parents should treat their children to be honest, commitment to children must be promptly honored. They want their children to have love, then the parents should have their own love, filial piety to treat the elderly, to treat the child to love.

5, and other people’s children to compare

Many parents have such a misunderstanding, always put their children at home and other people’s children to compare, always said, you see certain kids, learning is good, but also obedient, but How about you, how how, say children for nothing, in such cases, nothing more than a lost child’s self-confidence, self-esteem it more and more children.

6, not playing is the curse

Most of the parents in educating children, always feel that “sticks, spoil the child”, the child made a mistake is not a curse and beat the meal, the only way a child next time do not dare to make mistakes, in fact, this child directly destroyed self-esteem, even the children will give up on themselves phenomenon.

7, ignoring the child’s feelings

Many parents took for granted, to impose their own ideas in a child’s body, while ignoring some of the ideas the children themselves, that is, regardless of the child like it or not, they force their children to accept. For example, a child does not want to learn the piano, erhu want to learn, and parents feel that the piano can enhance the child’s temperament, there is help for the future, so let the children to give up their original intentions, and forced to receive parental arrangements.

In fact, ignoring the child’s feelings, is likely to cause the child’s rebellious, let the children get bored, or even close to the parents hearts, anyway, I think you do not care, why should I also say to you?

Through the introduction above, we know the children’s education misunderstanding that so much, of course, there are more errors, not here introduced one by one, to educate their children is a major problem, parents should know how to avoid these errors, in order to make children become more obedient sensible.

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