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The next most likely to be replaced by artificial intelligence: Ten career

The next most likely to be replaced by artificial intelligence: Ten careers

rapid development has brought convenience to people’s lives, at the same time, the labor market will also bring enormous changes. A study McKinsey & Company (McKinsey & Company) found that 60% of professional, about 30% of jobs will be replaced by a computer. People began to produce a sense of crisis on the development of artificial intelligence, but now it seems, there is still some work in a short time is difficult to be substituted with artificial intelligence.


The teacher is not simply conveying knowledge of the machine, but responsible for guiding students to learn the correct values and habits, so-called “preaching Tuition FAQ” . Thus, although the robot has a massive database, both knowledgeable than any human teacher, but they still can not completely replace the position of teachers in the future in the field of education are more likely to assistant role existence.


Although the robot can be completed draw drawing task, but, just as Kai-fu Lee said: “Robots can not inventions” to become an architect, abstract aesthetic needs, the most important work of artistic creation, spatial imagination, architect – design , the artificial intelligence can not do it.
The artist (musician, painter)
2018, online auction house Christie’s auction of paintings by the creation of AI, get $ 432,500 expensive, is also a case of artificial intelligence independent composer. While AI can complete a “work of art” by image acquisition, scores synthesis algorithm, but the creators of emotion in painting and music included but only by human artists perfusion, emotional human artificial intelligence with respect to maximum advantage it will not change in a short time.


Belonging to the profession “compassionate work” , workers need to have a careful, patient and loving. Although Bill Gates said: “AI need to address these infectious diseases …… We need to help the medical staff to make a difference.” But robots involved in the nursing field, refers by no means replace nurses work, but to help alleviate the nursing staff workload.


In the BBC predicted more than 300 professional future “is the elimination rate”, the reporter was merely replaced by artificial intelligence probability of 8.4% . This work not only collect information, but more importantly is the exchange and insight into the study of society , which is precisely the AI currently lacking. AI might be qualified for the basic work of compiling the manuscript, but can not completely replace the profession.

Business executives

Artificial intelligence can be made operational by the decision in favor of corporate profits in the short term, but they can not be great plan, develop new business strategies. These important decisions need to be made by the people’s judgment, rather than decision-making power in the hands of artificial intelligence.


A diplomat requires more than just excellent language skills, but also discerning , rational thinking ability and extensive knowledge . The complex needs of this work far beyond the range of the robot can handle, it is considered temporary and can not be replaced by artificial intelligence. However, the current artificial intelligence can be applied to security systems, simultaneous interpretation and other fields, it has brought a lot of convenience for the diplomatic work.


With the increase of people’s life and work pressure, there is a psychiatrist profession has become increasingly indispensable. 2017, Artificial Intelligence Lab at MIT scientists have developed a accuracy rate of up to 87% of the EQ-Radio mood detector . While AI can make some simple analysis of human emotions and psychology, but deeper analysis and treatment still need to be a psychiatrist.


2017, robot lawyers CaseCruncher Alpha defeat in case the prediction game of 100 Cambridge law students, however, despite the artificial has forecast accuracy of wisdom, but they are not capable of complex trivial proceedings, but not based on the ways of the world and the law sentencing to make a balance, so the lawyers and judges will be difficult to be replaced by artificial intelligence career.


We can not deny that the machine can be constructed superior and sophisticated than the human body, but the AI can not reflect the “higher, faster, stronger”Olympic spirit, and perhaps one day artificial intelligence can be applied in the sports arena sparring, but they do not have real boarded the stadium that day.


Adding artificial intelligence to enhance the efficiency of the labor market, artificial intelligence has been in discussions with the balance of humanity, although artificial intelligence developed more and more complete, but the robot can not completely replace humans in the short term.

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