The best teaching material in the classroom is the life of children

The best teaching material is the life of children, the best classroom is in the living room and nature!

When it talks about education in classroom, people always feel that it is serious, serious and serious, it is happening in the classroom. Education is in fact inseparable from everyone’s life, integration in daily life, family education is especially so. Our daily family activities are a very good vehicle for family education. Family activities should be beautiful, full of human nature and humanistic care, but at the same time must be in line with the scientific nature of education, can promote the healthy growth of children.

American psychologists recommend that high-quality parent-child activities be done 5 “at least once a day”: at least once a day without mobile phone interference; crazy giggle with children; one physical contact (hug, kiss, etc.); Put down the idea of “teaching” a child to play with the child; These 5 suggestions are also of reference significance in our country.

Meet growth needs to enrich life experience           

Family activities are activities attended by family members, especially those carried out between parents and children, such as reading with children in classroom, eating, doing sports, playing games, watching movies, traveling, and so on. When each of us think of home, often think of and mom and dad in the living room to spend a warm time, in the outdoors with Mom and dad a happy play, the whole family an unforgettable trip.

One of the roles to improve children’s satisfaction with family life. Family activities can not only directly improve children’s satisfaction with family life but also significantly promote communication between family members and improve family function.

The second role contributes to the child’s personality, mood, psychological development. High-quality family activities help to improve children’s happiness, security, and sense of belonging, help them build positive self-evaluation, improve self-confidence, and develop their children’s good social skills.

The third role, enrich the child’s life experience, meet the child’s multiple growth needs. Family activities can become a unique and unforgettable experience in a child’s life, this family experience can greatly enrich the child’s life, to meet the child’s diverse psychological needs.

Function Four, improve the parents ‘ own life satisfaction. A considerable number of studies have shown that the more parents participate in family activities, the higher their satisfaction with marriage. Therefore, family life is not only important to children, but also important to parents themselves, the role of family activities is multifaceted.

Time less activity single “People in the heart” is to be vigilant

There was a 8-year-old boy who had written a leave note, known as the “most budding leave note.” Because the summer vacation arrived, Dad said the work is busy can not accompany the child, so the boy to Dad’s leader wrote a leave note, please the leader agreed to father summer vacation with him out to play. We often see a phenomenon: Mom and Dad are busy working or busy playing mobile phones, so give the children to grandparents tube, or put in a variety of training courses … The current state of family activity is not encouraging.

Status One: There is less time for family activities in our country. After a 2015 survey of nearly 13,000 children and their parents in 12 countries around the world, Ikea found that parents spend less time with their families than the global average on weekdays and weekends, especially on weekdays. Chinese parents spend 2.8 hours with their families, and the global average is 3.8 hours. Chinese parents spend 6.9 hours on weekends with their families, and the global average is 7.2 hours.

Status Two: Family activities are concentrated and of a single type. According to data released in the Ikea Play report 2015, the top three most frequent family activities in China are: watching TV together (80%), eating Together (75%) and using electronic devices together (67%). Not only lack of family activities such as going out, outdoors, sports, etc., even at home, parents and children’s family activities are very single.

Promoting family intimacy and improving family adaptability

There are four questions that our parents need to know and understand about how to arrange an effective family life so that the family can play an important role in education and promote the healthy growth of their children.

What types of family activities should be arranged?

A psychologists put forward a model of family leisure function, which divides family activities into core family activities and not classroom activities balanced family activities. Core family activities are high frequency, low consumption, no need to plan family activities, balance family activities is low frequency, higher consumption, need to plan family activities.

Core family activities are our daily activities with our children, playing with them at home or near home, and one of the most typical places is the living room of the family. Balancing family activities often takes longer, far from home, such as outdoor camping for the whole family or family visits.

Studies have shown that both core family activities and balanced family activities can promote family intimacy, that is, emotional connections between family members, and enhance the adaptability of families, that is, the ability of families to cope with sudden problems, but the impact of core family activities is even greater. We would like to pay special attention to the important role of core family activities. Studies have shown that the higher the frequency with which parents and children have dinner together, the better their children’s academic performance. The follow-up studies done by our team also show that children who walk with their parents and exercise more often have better parent-child relationships, better grades, and fewer internet addiction problems; watching movies and reading more children with their parents, the higher the sense of gratitude, the more pro-social behavior.

How to plan family education time reasonably?

Reasonable arrangement of time is the key to high quality accompanying children. A study of adolescent children showed a 1-hour increase in parental time per week, a 16% reduction in children’s bad behavior, a 14% decrease in alcoholism and a 11% reduction in smoking behaviour.

How do I guarantee the time I spend with my child?

The development of weekly family activity plans can significantly increase the length of family activities. The weekly family activity plan requires a specific plan for daily family activities during the week, including the following four areas: what activities to do, where to do activities, when to do activities, and how to do activities. Mothers also spend time with their children in their classrooms. spending of time in the classroom is important because the in-classroom teacher is also present.

Therefore, family members can work together to discuss and rationalize the division of labor. You can fix the time of some core family activities in weeks, such as Thursday is reading day and Saturday is bathing day. If you want to carry out balanced family activities, you have to plan ahead.

Who takes the children to carry out family activities?

The healthy growth of children needs the co-upbringing of their parents. There are many studies that show that the degree to which fathers participate in family education has an important impact on a child’s future growth. One tracking study found that the more a child’s father is involved in education at the age of 7, the less emotional and behavioral problems the child has at the age of 16. Another follow-up study found that the more fathers were involved in education when their children were 16 years old, the less psychological problems their children had as adults (33 years old).

The role of father and mother in children’s education is not the same. Fathers can use the sense of authority to develop their children’s sense of rule, give play to their physical advantages, and take more children to outdoor sports. Mothers can play to their personality advantages, take more care of their children’s lives, and use their mothers ‘ emotional advantages to enhance parent-child relationships.

How to carry out high quality family activities?

A large number of domestic and foreign research has proved that parents and children activities with positive emotional input in order to really benefit the development of children, activities only meaningful. And positive emotional input will manifest itself through our body language, such as nodding, stretching, watching children, stroking and hugging children.

Family education should be free and warm, it occurs in the daily life of parents to their children, with their children every day, there is no family activities there is no family education. Parents should also go to the classroom of their children. We must pay full attention to the important role of family activities in the growth of children. The best teaching material is the life of children, the best classrooms in the living room and nature, through family activities, so that family education back to a better life.

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