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Still staring at the child to do homework? You may be a disservice, he would give the performance is getting worse

Every parent wants their children to learn at ease, achieved outstanding results. But fun has always been the nature of children, do not make good homework is often the case. But this can be very anxious a lot of parents, some angry soaring blood pressure, headache episodes in the course of doing their homework with the kids, the fact that you might be the wrong way to go.

In our article comments area, often see parents grumbling come and go. Many people feel that they have sacrificed so much time with their children doing their homework, but his academic performance is still not much improvement, I have not thought is not his stare too tight caused it?

According to “Primary and secondary schools pressure homework report” shows that 91.2% of children have had the experience of parents accompanied their homework, and up to 78% of the parents is every day with students, including the most patient parents, 72% people will accompany the children to write two hours of work a day.

But stay with the children doing their homework, you can let his grades better? Today we’ll talk with you: staring at the children do their homework may be a disservice, but let the child’s performance is getting worse.

Staring at the children doing their homework will make him self-esteem is a job “eat”

Adults watching the children doing their homework time is always very impatient, they see the child’s phonetic misspelled, arithmetic did not count right, he will soon be corrected, but also inevitably complain a few words: “This is how all will not”, ” has not taught you yet, “” you in the end there is no good attendance. “……

Homework for students has always been a chore, and adult children of blame and resentment but will increase their psychological burden, leading to more intense when they do question, error-prone, learning efficiency will be reduced.

And so a vicious cycle, but also let the children have a kind of “I’m not smart” negative emotions. Wait until the test encountered difficulties, the child is likely to feel that their ability to not eventually give up this question do not, so naturally difficult to score has improved.

Staring at the children doing their homework will make him lose the ability to think independently:

Parents immediately correct the child’s behavior is actually the wrong question, is slowly depriving the child’s ability to think independently, give the child a kind of “Even if I did not do right, my mother would tell me the correct answer is” awareness. Over time he will feel as long as the work done on the line, anyway, there are Mom and Dad will not correct the error, resulting perfunctory psychology.

But such a child reached a critical juncture exam to help adults lose, will be more panic when facing a problem, unable to figure things out, always leads to unsatisfactory results.

It is recommended that all parents not to stare at the children doing their homework, you do homework with the kids are well-intentioned, but for most children, is under pressure to get more supervision. In fact, give them some space to think independently and develop study habits troubleshooting, the child will be really helpful.

Dear Parents, do you still staring at the children doing their homework? If you have any questions, wish to leave a message to tell us

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