Wednesday , August 5 2020


The Government of Punjab has finalized the rationalization policy for teachers. Teachers’ transfers will be made based on this policy. According to the rationalization policy, a minimum of 3 teachers shall be made available in each primary school across the province. The transfer and appointment of over 400,000 teachers in the province shall be made in 48 thousand schools in the province. In middle schools, a minimum of 5 to 7 teachers shall be an appointment for each section out of which the teacher for the drawing will be compulsory.


The policy is designed to give a reasonable workload to every teacher and to ensure a feasible enrollment for each school. Hence the surplus staff of the schools will be shifted to the schools with deficient staff. A single teacher will be appointed for Nursery and class-I of classes with enrollment up to 50.

For high schools, one IT teacher will be appointed with four other senior teachers. The new policy might be announced today in a ceremony to be held in Islamabad.


Major Features of Rationalization policy for teachers appointment

Student-Teacher Ratio 1: 40

A single teacher will be appointed for Nursery and class-I of classes with enrollment up to 50.
Up to 135 for Elementary School are considered part of the VIII enrollment school.
Number of students and teachers
There will be at least 3 teachers in primary schools.
– The number of students is 80 or less 3 teachers
Will stay in this school.
There will be 4 teachers from 81 to 130.
There will be 5 teachers from 131 to 180 students.
The number of students will be from 181 to 230 teachers.
The number of students will be from 231 to 280 teachers.
The number of students will be from 281 to 330 with 8 teachers.
Schools sent by Regionalization
The maximum distance of ٭٭٭
Female teachers will be sent a maximum of 10 kilometers.
دCustomers will be sent a maximum of 15km.
Teachers will be assigned to schools as needed
٭٭٭٭ Recruitment at Boys’ Schools


And female teachers to be transferred to girls’ schools
Teachers can submit objections online for up to a week after receiving their orders.
The process of regionalization is set to begin on October 14 and will be completed by November 10.
May Allah Almighty bless you all Amen…

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