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Put another way method of education of children to love

With the increasingly fierce social competition, more and more parents pay attention to their children’s education: from an early age to play the piano, practicing dance …… exhausted “energy” and “financial resources” to love them. However, the real talent of the children but not much. The correct method of education of children, parents really know? Taking advantage of summer vacation children, parents may wish to rethink, for a way to love the baby, might play an unexpected effect.

Children’s educational methods

1, cultivate good habits from an early age children

British writer Thackeray said, “sowing behavior, habits harvest, sowing habit, reap a character, sow a character, reap destiny.” Points to the importance of cultivating good habits. Our thinker Tao also said, “It is important in life habits required of every character can be cultured in the attitude of most of the six years before the success.

Children’s eating habits, sleep habits, health habits, study habits and even polite habits, are a small scale culture. These good habits so that children can not be directly “Jackie Chan Cheng-feng,” but it will make it a lifetime benefit.

2, where the interest to help children find

We  know that interest is the best teacher. This community has become increasingly utilitarian, parents in the education of children also seemed a bit impatient method, the weight of the child breathe a variety of remedial classes, but often less effective. In fact, it may help children find their interest, and then enhance learning, so it is easy for children to get success.

3, ability to learn is more important than learning content

When teaching children often find such a phenomenon: some children very hard, but the results have been less than satisfactory, but some children seem effortless, but often can achieve good results. Many parents put this strange phenomena attributed to the talent, in fact, even more important reason in learning methods and skills.

Educate children, parents task is not to “blindly duck”, but to teach children how to learn, as long as has a strong learning ability, learning is actually a very simple thing.

4, from small “savings” conduct

Parenting experts say, for children, “trust, patience, responsibility, self-confidence, investment” is the most important five character, nurture plays a very important role in the establishment of these virtues, parents should focus on training these baby good moral character, spirit and lay a solid foundation for a better life after they are adults.

5, to his stage performances

As a parent you want to find the child’s “talent” is located, I found that when children like to tell stories, so might as well let the children tell stories to yourself; if that child is very good at digital, you may wish to take their children to go shopping, let him help you pick the price on cheaper items. Parents need to be sure the child’s “talent”, giving him the stage, let him enjoy playing, so that the child will be more self-confidence. Children need more than just “enough to live comfortably,” they need to be sure of others, parents need to accompany him to his experience growing up.

6, to encourage children to exercise more

Parents should spend more time with the children to do some sports, such as playing ball, bicycling, swimming, mountain climbing, kids sports-loving parents may wish to spend more time, more exercise is not only brought benefits to the child’s body, but also the parents of the body more health, but also make the character become more cheerful child. Maintaining a dynamic life can appropriately relieve the child’s stress and emotional, let the children more like themselves, so that children become more confident, do a confident person than anything else.

7, do security as soon as possible

Parental love son, was the plan for far-reaching. As a parent, it should hold up as soon as possible for the children to strive for the protection umbrella. With the younger age of many diseases, once the children suffering from severe illness, most families are unbearable, easily several hundred thousand dollars of the cost of treatment is to let a lot of families have become destitute; In addition to health problems, but also parents are most concerned about education , like CIGNA sail 2018 baby children’s education annuity product plans, to provide education for children with severe illness and double protection, care of the baby’s life.

In fact, teaching children is a science, parents learned of these methods mentioned above, then educate their children is not a problem, the child will become the “ideal” type of child, but on the road to educate their children, parents must have patience, good child’s “mentor.”

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