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Punjab Board Of Technical Education Complete Working Procedure


Though it is practical to establish and sort out the Punjab] Board of Technical Education in the way hereinafter showing up. NOW, THEREFORE, in compatibility of the Presidential Proclamation of the seventh day of October, 1958, and in exercise of all forces empowering him for that benefit, the Governor of West Pakistan is satisfied to make and declare the accompanying Ordinance:

1. Short title and commencement

(1) This Ordinance might be known as the [5][Punjab] Board of Technical Education Ordinance, 1962.

(2) It will come into power without a moment’s delay.

2. Definitions

(b) “Center” signifies an organization bestowing authentication level preparing;

(c) “Executive” signifies the Chairman of the Board;

(d) “Advisory group” signifies a council established under this Ordinance;

(e) “Controller of Examinations” signifies the Controller of Examinations of the Board;

(f) “Controlling Authority” signifies the Controlling Authority of the Board;

(g) “Government” signifies the Provincial Government of the Punjab.

(h) “Leader of an organization” signifies the Principal of an Institute or the officer incharge of a middle, all things considered;

(I) “Organization” signifies a foundation inside the ward of the Board and perceived for the [8][Vocational, Industrial] Technical or Commercial Education and incorporates Polytechnic Institute, Technical Institute, Commercial Institute and some other Institute or College bestowing confirmation level preparing in technical subjects;

(j) “organization” signifies an establishment or an inside:

(k) “recommended” signifies endorsed by controls or guidelines;

(l) “Key” signifies the Head of a Polytechnic or Technical Institute, Commercial Institute, or some other Institute or College conferring confirmation level preparing in technical subjects;

(m) “perceived” signifies perceived by the Board;

(n) “Controls” and “Standards” mean separately the directions and guidelines made under this Ordinance; and

(o) “Secretary” signifies the Secretary to the Board.

3. Foundation and incorporation

(1) The Punjab Board of Technical Education will be comprised as per the arrangements of this Ordinance and will be known as the Punjab Board of Technical Education.

(2) The Board will be a body corporate and will have unending progression and a typical seal with capacity to gain and hold property and to exchange the equivalent.

4. Constitution of the Board

(1) The Board will comprise of the accompanying individuals, in particular:

(I) the Chairman;

(ii) the Vice-Chancellor, West Pakistan University of Engineering and Technology Lahore, or a University Professor named by him;

(iii) the Director of Technical Education, Lahore;

(iv) the Director of Education, Lahore Region, Lahore, or his candidate not underneath the position of a [12][Deputy Director.

(v) an industrialist named by the Controlling Authority.

(vi) one Principal of an establishment named by the Controlling Authority;

(vii) one agent of Heads of  Institutes chosen by and from among themselves;

(viii) one delegate of the Heads of Commercial Institutes chosen by and from among themselves;

(ix) one individual designated by the Controlling Authority from among the Heads of Technical Training Centers or Vocational Institutes; and

The Controlling Authority, while designating individuals determined in statements (v), (vi) and (ix) of subsection (1), will select somewhere around two women. (2) The names of the named and chose individuals will be advised in the official Gazette.

(3) The term of office of individuals other than the ex-official individuals will be two years.

(4) No part selected by ideals of his office will keep on being part in the event that he stops to hold that office.

(5) When an individual stops to be individual from the Board, he will stop to be individual from any of the advisory groups of which he might be a part.

5. Acquiescence of members

An individual from the Board may leave his participation by a letter routed to the Chairman; gave that the acquiescence will not have impact until the point that it is acknowledged by the Controlling Authority.

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