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Pakistan’s Dashu School, studying hard in difficulties, never giving up hope, not accepting money as long as the book

In the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad has a special school called the Big Tree School. Of course, it is not because the school is called a big tree, but because the children can only go to school under the tree. For the first time, I knew that Dashu School was still known through the 270 documentary.


Xiao Bian really likes to watch the travel documentary of “The Companion”, deeply impressed by Liang Hong and 270. Among them, in the Pakistani section, they walked into the Big Tree School in Pakistan. The content is still very sad and it is also very gratifying for the children of Pakistan.

In fact, the tree of Dashu School is not big, it is almost a street garden. The teacher, two people, Abu teacher and a volunteer college student, there are not many students, forty students, men and women, a total of ten grades.

The children in the school under the big tree are different because they have to face the ridicule of others. In Pakistan, the learning environment for co-existence is not accepted by mainstream consciousness.

The children under the big tree have no money to enter the formal men’s or women’s colleges, so the teacher Ayub provides them with a platform for seeking knowledge. Everyone cherishes it very much. There is not only knowledge, love, but also change. Opportunity.

Perhaps, because of this difficulty, the children of Dashu School are very good. They have studied in difficulties and never gave up hope.

I remember that someone in the “Legend” documentary mentioned a question: “Which guns and beliefs are more powerful?” Mr. Ayub replied: “It is knowledge, I believe that the power of knowledge can change this. So I will never give up these children, I hope that one day, they can replace the guns with books and pens.”

Nowadays, the teacher of Ayub in Dashu School is getting worse and worse. He said that he has found a wild meadow near the street garden and will be buried there in the future, so that he can continue to accompany the children.

Nowadays, although Dashu School is becoming more and more famous, their school conditions have not improved much. Teachers and students still do not accept donations from outsiders. They only need stationery and books.

So, why do Xiaobian write this? I think, except to bring books to the children on the spot, let more people know about the school, know the needs of the students, don’t need money as long as books, maybe we can really be big trees. What do the school kids do?

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