In early childhood, “too many rules, hard into the radius,” a bold attempt to encourage children

In early childhood, “too many rules, hard into the radius,” a bold attempt to encourage children

Introduction: mothers complain:

  • My child every day when the wall canvas, Manqiang all her work, I followed behind ass rub rub, however, do not have to buy a small blackboard, just like painted on the wall.
  • Child dinner, really too heroic, and where are eating rice child, I say do not feed him promise, headache!
  • My child like to play in the water, the water to get a playing where are covered, all wet.

    Do not put the children in a circle called “rules” inside the box, to encourage children to dare to try

Above these moms complain almost every child will experience the stage, we do not have interfered, let him go to paint, to eat their own good, in the child’s world and know no boundaries, and what for them They are new and interesting.

We just need children to boldly try all possible, to be able to grow in constant attempts, know what is right and what is wrong, try to accumulate through constant awareness of this society, so many mothers children need time to hold “connivance” attitude. We want to allow the child to try a bold, daring to explore, as long as not dangerous, without prejudice to the interests of others, you can let go and let the children go to trial.

Although the painting on the wall full of traces of crayons; dinner food covered, rice all over the floor; play in the water playing all wet, or some more exotic things, we should be tolerant pending, perhaps a sum between that inadvertently sowed the seeds of creative children, maybe it is the next Picasso!

What if you do not let the children do it, he was afraid to get one, so afraid of him, afraid he did, then the child will eventually be willing to do anything. Later you will complain, my children how nothing like the others, by that time you will be more anxiety, because it is your own child in the lap of a rule framed inside.

In the children’s world, good and bad is often a bias adults to give children enough respect and freedom

Test your child at home if gained the respect and freedom, whether flying home offers space for him imagination, there is a simple self-test question: when children do not accidentally get into trouble, such as glass broke or knocked over the computer, to see what his first reaction was? For that something is broken and sad, guilt feelings appear, or anxious to see your face, want to excuse the behavior occurs.

If the damage to your child what I feel very sad, guilty feelings arise, which means you are very successful education of children are respected and freedom;

If he just afraid you blame him, but for his own behavior did not feel very guilty, it shows your education has failed, because the child is not out of their own original mind, he was just afraid of being scolded, and it is a little learned to shirk responsibility, it is possible, once again this is the case, he would say that the cat knocked over, or someone else to break.

To allow the child’s sloppy

Children’s sloppy is a very normal phenomenon, most learning in life is not worth mentioning small problem, they are essential to fine tips, the mountain itself is not a peak, you want to trek to reach the pinnacle of the mountain, are a step It can not be omitted. As long as a child psychological normal, have the ability to self-improvement.

Conclusion : On the “good mother than a good teacher,” the Yin Jianli has said this passage: among family members, “Apologia” is a more ideal model for interaction, the child will not be spoiled, a person’s life hampered by the less the more I live, the more you can grow healthy. So mothers in some ways we can boldly “indulgence” for children.

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