Important Pair of Words for 10th Class

There are a number of important pairs of words included in the syllabus of English of 10th class Lahore Board. These words can be found in the PDF shared here. The students of Class 10 can use these words as notes for covering their syllabus. The meanings and sentences for these words will help the students to understand their usage and context better.

Important Pair of Words for 10th Class

The important pair of words for 10th class are antonyms and synonyms. English antonyms are words that have opposite meanings, while English synonyms are words that have similar meanings. A good understanding of antonyms and synonyms can help you improve your vocabulary and score higher in exams.

Important Pair of Words for 10th Class

Why are we learning these words?

It’s important to learn these words because they often show up in exams. They can be tricky to spot, so if you’re familiar with them, you’ll have a better chance of scoring points. In addition, these words are commonly used in spoken English, so it’s helpful to know their meanings and how to use them correctly. We’ve provided example sentences for each word so you can get a better understanding of how they’re used. We hope this post helps you prepare for your upcoming exams!

What kind of questions can you expect from these words?

You can expect questions from these words in both verbal and written exams. Be sure to know the correct Urdu meanings and sentences so you can use them correctly in your answers. Also, be aware of the different pronunciations of these words—they can easily trip you up if you’re not careful! Practice using these words in different contexts so you’ll be comfortable using them when it matters most.

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How to study these words

It is important to understand the meanings of these words and how they are used in sentences. Once you are familiar with these words, try to use them in your own writing. You can also practice speaking these words out loud. This will help you remember them better and you’ll be able to use them with confidence in your conversations.

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