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If you are these two mothers, your child will live very well in the future, especially with a daughter.

During the child’s growth, the parents played an role model. The parents’ words and deeds have a profound influence on the children. In ancient times, the father’s influence on the children can be said to occupy the main position. Today, the society, the mother is right. The influence of the child is far greater than that of the father, and thus the importance of the parents to the child’s growth.

Especially in families with girls in the family, the position of the mother is more important. Not only will the child imitate the mother’s words and deeds, but also the role model of the child. The positive mother’s influence on the child is also positive. What is it like, what the child will be, and the mother’s influence on the child is very deep.

The child actually said that he could “change” his mother.

Mother of a 6-year-old child said, The child has just entered the first grade of elementary school, so mother is particularly attentive. The children’s dressing and living are very good care. Mother thinks that the first grade is especially critical. When it comes to laying the foundation, you must not drop the chain at this time.

For the sake of children, Mother gave up all his hobbies. It was really a sacrifice. It was originally going to exercise every week, but I didn’t go to pick up the children’s classes. I saw what I liked. Bags and clothes are saved in order to give the children more than one remedial class.

Mother’s current focus on life is all around the children. I thought that the children would be very close to themselves. I didn’t expect it to change her view because of this incident.

During the child’s growth, the mother’s influence on the child is very deep. What should the mother do, and the child will be particularly good?

One: Don’t be too diligent mother

If the mother is too diligent, then the child will be very lazy. This is also the situation that is often seen in real life. If the mother is tired and tired, the child will not feel bad about himself. Because the child is young, he cannot understand this. Kind of hard work.

Therefore, as a mother, you should learn to be lazy, let the children learn to wear clothes and undress, and then let the children do some housework as much as they can, so that the child will become more independent and capable.

Two: Be yourself

Many mothers with children have put all their weights on their children since they gave birth to children. They don’t care about themselves. They are turning around the children 24 hours a day, as if the children around the world are their only ones. Without children, then there is no one.

If such a mother puts all her thoughts on the child, then the child will feel the pressure is particularly large, and there is no sense of security. This will make the child’s independence ability after entering the society is very poor, especially easy to suffer, so the mother should Make yourself, live your own way, so that children will grow up healthily, and emotional intelligence is also very high.

With children, children are very important, but they are not all in their own lives. The influence of mothers on children is also a special key, so mothers don’t feel that it is good for them to arrange anything for their children. Time is not only good for them, but it will harm them, so mothers sometimes have to learn to let go.


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