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How we get departmental permission or NOC for higher education?

How we get departmental permission or NOC for higher education?

Teachers who are already in service cannot take admission in universities or college to acquire higher qualification without proper departmental permission or NOC. How ever any NOC was requested well in time prior to admission in college or university to acquire higher qualification but but it was delayed or not issued and the teacher took the admission without waiting for NOC then above teacher may also be allowed m.phil allowance. How ever the exercise will not be repeated in future and ceo issued clear cut instructions in this regard.

As the employees got admission in mphil class prior to their induction in education department. Therefore, they are entitled  for mphil allowance.

Mphil allowance will not be granted if permisson was granted for specific subject but the teacher obtained degree of mphil in some other subject.

In some cases some employees got admission in mphil class prior to appointment in education department but after joining the education department they did not get departmental permission or NOC they are eligible for allowance.

If the departmental permission is granted for specific subject but teacher take admission in some other subject then mphil allowance would not be granted.

Teachers who take admission in evening classes

The teacher who take admission for higher studies in mphil or phd without departmental permission NOC from the concerned competent authoriy. They take admission for evening classes in the universities far away from their place of posting which is an illegal practice. In this regard, the teachers who are availing illegal qualification allowance, as no departmental permission/ NOC was issued in their favor.

In view of the above recommendations action should be taken against all people who violate law

So teacher should take permission from department before take admission in any university or college because you are government servant and bounded by your department.

One notification of school education department is given below. If you have any question please ask in comment section.

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