Friday , March 27 2020

How should children’s education be carried out, especially in English? Tell you personally

With the rapid development of modern society and the open social environment, we have more and more opportunities to contact English. At this point, almost all parents agree on the importance of English. Children have been exposed to English almost from the beginning of kindergarten, including various international kindergartens, early childhood education institutions, and emerging English educational institutions have also begun to introduce children’s English enlightenment courses. Therefore, there is an increasing demand for children’s English enlightenment education. From tens of thousands of tuition English schools to a variety of online courses, how to choose the right course for children has become a headache for parents. Today, we will learn how to get started with children learning English.

1 Children’s English Online Course

Due to some factors of expensive offline education fee agencies, such as limited teaching location, inflexibility, and so on. For the Internet age, online teaching came into being, and online courses are much cheaper than some offline education. Some of the more mature online education websites also have online tutorials for children’s enlightenment in English. This is even more diverse. A variety of textbooks from teachers around the world, the advantages of online courses are the flexibility of time and place, and the tuition fees that most families can accept. By the way, I would like to share a free foreign teacher audition course worth 188 yuan, one-on-one teaching mode, improve the English level, the effect is tricky, do not believe.

2 Parents are the best teachers

Have good teaching materials, professional teachers, can children learn English well? Not very good. In particular, preschool children, according to scientific statistics, the study time is no more than 15 minutes, that is, first, can he concentrate on class? Second, even after the class is finished, can the content of this lesson be fully absorbed? I talked to some parents about this, and almost all parents said they had to re-examine their children. Without parental guidance, children will soon forget what they teach and progress will be very slow. Children’s learning is not only the responsibility of the teacher, but also the cooperation of the parents.

Many parents may choose to start with some recommended picture books, but in fact the effect of these picture books is not obvious. Simple picture books don’t interest children, and children can’t read them if they encounter something that is difficult. There are also a variety of English card teaching, after all, we are not professional teachers, can not make the card vivid. So, at the beginning, we can let the children see some English enlightenment animations. Let the children “grind the ears” and cultivate some interest in English.

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