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fsc 2nd year Chemistry guess paper 2019

fsc 2nd year Chemistry guess paper 2019

12th class Chemistry Guess Paper All Punjab Boards or Fsc 2nd year Chemistry guess paper 2019

  1. What are the improvements made in mandleeves periodic table.
  2. Define hydride and give their classification.
  3. Discuss the position of hydrogen with carbon family giving similarities and dissimilarities,
  4. Explain peculiar behaviour of beryllium.
  5. Explain the construction of down cell. Give reactions taking place at cathode and anode.
  6. Write commercial method for preparation of NaoH.
  7. Discuss the role of lime in industry.
  8. How borax is manufactured.
  9. What are silicones. Write uses of silicones.
  10. Describe birkeland and eyde process for the manufacture of nitric acid.

  11. Compare and cotrast betwen oxygen and sulpher.
  12. Write four points which shows the peculiar behaviour of fluorine from other halogen.
  13. Describe preparation of bleaching powder by Backmanns process.
  14. Write the applications of noble gases.
  15. Describe Bessemers process for manufacture of steel.
  16. Describe cracking of petrolum. Explain any two ways in which craking carried out.
  17. What is orbital hybridization. Explain sp3 hybridization of carbon.
  18. Explain structure of ethane on the base of hybridization.
  19. Write two methods for preparation of alkenes.
  20. Describe with examples the acidic nature of alkynes.
  21. Convert acetylene into Glyoxal and chloroprene.
  22. Describe the structure of benzene on the basis of atomic orbital treatment.

  23. Write down four methods of preparation of benzene.
  24. What are friedals craft reactions. Explain mechanism of alkylation and acylation of benzene.
  25. Discuss Sn2 reactions of alkyle halyde in details.
  26. Differentiate between Sn1 Sn2 reactions.
  27. Define nucleophilic substitution reaction and discuss the salient features of Sn1 reactions.
  28. What are B-elimination reactions. Discuss its types.
  29. How ethyl alkohal is obtained by the fermentation of molasses and starch.
  30. Write two methods for preparation of phenol.
  31. Write a note on cannizzarros reactions.
  32. What is aldol condensation. Give its mechanism.
  33. How 2,4 dinitrophenyle hydrazones are prepared and Write mechanism of ammonia derivatives with carbonyl compound in general.
  34. Write dpwn any four methods of preparation of acetic acid with reactions.
  35. What is smog? Explain the pollutants whics are the main cause of photochemical smog.
  36. Explain how pestisides are dangerous to human beings.

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