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fsc 1st year english guess paper 2019

fsc 1st year english guess paper 2019

Part 1

fsc 1st year english guess paper 2019

Write short answers in three to five lines in word of your own.

Book 1-short stories

  1. Why norma consider the tone and attitude of Mr. Steward offensive?
  2. Why did jess father take steep path?
  3. What was the message norma received on pushing the bottom?
  4. subject discussed at the club?
  5. What is the dream of martin luther king?
  6. What sort of people came on mall?
  7. Where did old man take his son?
  8. What did make hubert shameful?
  9. Describe the scene of inauguration?
  10. Why did the farmers throw wet leaves on the fire?

Part 2

Write short answers in three to five lines in word of your own.

Book 3- Play

  1. What does knoe kreton know about the earth?
  2. Why the girl could not describe the killer?
  3. How does kreton prove his poer?
  4. What has happened to clay father?
  5. Why is harry sitting in the baber chair?
  6. What is the impression for the girl about the second man?
  7. Why does clay need money?
  8. What is optical illusion?
  9. What is harry philosophy of life?
  10. Does the girl ask for help from the first man?
  11. What work does man do?
  12. Does the writer open the oyster? Why not?
  13. What does the purpose of kretons visit?
  14. What does clark give harry? For what purpose?
  15. Why was the girl forced to leave her car on the road?
  16. How was the weather condition?

Part 3

Write short answers in three to five lines in word of your own.

Book 3-Poems

  1. What was the theme of the poem the rain.
  2. Why has the poer used the cannon balls to describe the fruit?
  3. What is the difference between rich leaves and poor leaves?
  4. What does the sparrow hold in her beak?
  5. Whom does the reader represents?
  6. For whom does the night mail brings mail?
  7. What was the theme of the poem times?
  8. What is the effect death scene?
  9. Why is love and essence of all?
  10. How does the sun rise after rain?

Part 4


Write a letter to you friend thanking him for birthday gift.

A letter to friend condoling on the death of his father.

Write a letter to your friend to the marriage ceremony of your brother.

letter to your sister congratulating her on her success in the competitive exams.

Write a letter to your mother telling her why do you like/dislike hostel life.

Write down a story on the given moral lesson.

Union is strength. Do good and have good. Honesty is the best policy. Try try again. No pains, no gains. All the glitters not gold

Pair of words

Angel,angle cattle,kattle bale,bail idle,idol site,sight affect,effect dew,due coma, comma brake,break soul,sole beach,beech dear,deer roll,role assay,essay fair,fare sell,cell elder,older


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