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English Part1 Test:4 – Inter Part-1

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                           Paper: English        1st Year           T # 5             T.M: 40    

 Q No.1                Write down the short answer of the given questions.                                 (8)                                           

(i)         What should be the role of Qazi?

(ii)        What did Emerson say about Gulistan?

(iii)       What is clump of trees?

(iv)       How did the quack learn in the end?

Q.No.2   Write a letter to your nothing telling her about hostel life.                 (10)

 Q.No.3   (a) Punctuate these lines.                                                                  (3)

if you do not digit said they before king you shell go and then youll be hanged to hear this he labored away with all his might

(b) Use these pair of words in your own sentences. (4)

Amiable-Amicable , Boar-Bore , Command-Commend , Censor-Censure

 Q.No.4 Translate into English.                                                                       (8)

                           A kind fell seriously ill and all hopes of his recovery vanished. The wore the disease was cured the more it became painful. Orders were issued to search for an individual of this kind.

( Objective )

Q.No.5 Choose the correct option.                                                   (7)

1. What had the slave not already experienced?
a Cooking b Enjoyment c Sea journey d Adventure
2. Who was sent to bring the salt?
a A girl b A woman c Man d A boy
3. The quack claimed to cure
a Fever b Goiter c Headache d Injury
4. How did the foolish quack address the camel men?
a Doctors b Friends c Wise men d Foolish men
5. The camel are of prodigious size and strength.
a Ugly b Charming c Huge d Pretty
6. Finally, the quack perceived his mistake.
a Rejected b Ignored c Understood d Corrected
7. A tyrant does not remain in the world.
a Dictator b Benevolent c Beneficial d Democrate


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You can download  the above past paper in pdf format by clicking the link given below

English 1st year T#5

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