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English Part1 Test:3 – Inter Part-1

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                   Paper: English           1st Year           Test#3                  T.M: 40

Q.No.1 Answer the following short questions.                           2 x 4 = 8

  1. What was the public announcement?
  2. Why did he old man and Mr. Manana abuse each other?
  3. Describe the uniform of Gorgios?
  4. What did Jorkens say about life?

Q.No.2 (a) Use these pair of words in your sentences.                         (4)

                        Goal-Gaol ,  Hale-Hail , Human-Humane , Lion-Loin

(b) Punctuate these lines.                                                               (3)

                        the good soul mr hubert choked with indignation and fear  how any one can tell such lies to take away an honest man reputation

Q.No.3 Write a letter to you sister on her birthday.                       (10)

Q.No.4 Translate into English.                                                     (8)

                        Never mind what country it was said Jorkens. And as a matter of fact its custom were not so silly as you suppose. But that didn’t stop young Gorgios. That was his name. He was a good athlete when he came by his wild idea about the age of sixteen.

( Objective )

Q.No.5 Choose the correct option.                                               (7)

  1. How did the Mayor look?

(a) funny                      (b) attractive               (c) shout and serious               (d) kind

  1. Who returned the pocket book to the owner?

(a) George                   (b) James                     (c) Arthur                                (d) Steward

  1. Gorgios went into

(a) cinema                   (b) theatre                   (c) politics                               (d) circus

  1. In how many years did Gorgios achieve his wish?

(a) 20                           (b) 40                           (c) 50                                       (d) more than 60

  1. It was a splendid

(a) gilded                     (b) candid                    (c) magnificent                       (d) sufficient

  1. He wore down opposing arguments.

(a) put on                    (b) overcame              (c) incite                                  (d) favour

  1. Hubert was chocked with anger.

(a) pleased                  (b) flushed                   (c) stifled                                 (d) senseless

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::( Comp


You can download the above inter part-1 test English in pdf format click the link given below

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