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English Part1 Test:2 – Inter Part-1

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Paper: English           Test:2                               1st Year                              T.M: 40

Q.No.1 Write the answer of the short questions?                                                               2 x 5= 10

.a Why did sam give a mirror to Mr. Bittering? b. For what reason did Bittering need to return to the earth?
c. How social were the people of Mars?


d. What reason did the boy offer for snatching the women’s purse?
e What was the effect of the behavior of the woman on the boys?  


Q.No.2 Write a Story on the Following Moral  (10)

                                    Honesty is the Best Policy

Q.No.3 (a) Punctuate the following lines. (3)

hello harry said everyone look he said to them you did hear the news the other day did nt you they nodded and laughed sure sure harry

(b) Use the following pairs of words in your own sentences.(any two) (2)

Complement – Compliment,   Course – Coarse,    Dew – Due

Q.No.4  Translate the following passage into English.                                                       (7)

The wind blew if to flake away their identities. At any minute the Martian air may draw his spirit from him, as marrow originates from a white bone. He felt submerged in a synthetic that could disintegrate his brains and consume with smoldering heat his past.


Q No.5. Tick the correct option. (8)

1. Harry put on his coat
a Wore b Made out c Took on d Got on
2. Bittering had some blueprints
a Sketches b Utensils c Instruments d Medicines
3. There were dim flecks in the blue of Bittering’s eyes
a Lights b Stars c Images d Spots
4. How much time would it take to build a rocket according to Sam
a Twenty  years b Twenty five  years c Thirty years d Thirty five years
5. Mrs. Jones got up a and went behind the screen
a Kitchen b Sofa c Sapling d Room divider
6. She shook him until his teeth rattled
a Broke b Clattered c Shone d Removed
7. Where did the woman leaver her purse in the room
a On the floor b On the day bed c On the bed d One the table


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You can download the above inter part-1 test English in pdf format click the link given below

English 1st Year T#2

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