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English Part1 Test:1 – Inter Part-1

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               Paper: English        1st Year           Test # 1        T.M: 40     

Q No.1  Write down the short answer of the given questions AnyFour(8)                               

(i)         How did the push button look like?

(ii)        What kind of person is Norma?

(iii)       Why did the old man not follow the advice of doctors?

(iv)       Why did the son at the age of six cry?

(v)        Why did Arthur not agree with his wife?


Q.No.2   Write a letter to your father telling him about the progress in your studies.    (10)


Q.No.3  (a) Punctuate these lines.                              (3)


are you sure you wouldnt care to think about it for a day or so i think  youd better leave arthur  said standing he rose of course


(b) Use these pair of words. (4)

Accede – Concede , Admit – Confess , Ascent – Assent , Beach – Beech


Q.No.4 Translate into English.                                   (7)


                        Those were the days. This wasn’t land me one had to build up. It was already here as God had made it and we had to do was clear the trees and burn the bush. And we raised more than a barrel of corn of the shock. 

( Objective )

Q.No.5 Choose the correct option.                                                   (8)

1. When did Mr. Steward come to see Mr. and Mrs. Arthur.
a 9 P.M b 8 A.M c 8 P.M d 10 P.M
2. Why Norma wanted to get the money?
a To leave the house. b To help the poor. c To donate someone d To improve her life standard
3. The temperature in the shade was?
a 95 b 96 c 97 d 98
4. What crossed the path of him?
a A sheep b A deer c A snake d A squirrel
5. The colour of Jess father bandana?
a Blue b Black c Brown d White
6. She made a scoffing sound.
a Knocking b Laughing c Talking d Mocking
7. Arthur looked astounded.
a Disgusted b Stunned c Charming d Satisfied
8. Father said curtly, I cleared this land.
a Hardly polite b Happily c Angrily d Feverishly


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You can download the above inter part-1 test English in pdf format click the link given below

English 1st year T#1

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