English Essays and Stories PEC 5th and 8th Class

You can get maximum marks by preparing our guess papers. These guess paper have benefits for students and teachers. It is useful for those teachers who taught peak classes.


Sports And Games/ Football/ Cricket/ Hockey/ My Favourite Game/ Sportsmanship etc.
Sports and games are very important for us. They keep us healthy and fit. This game keeps us fresh and active. Sports and games help in character building. I play …….. with my friends. We play ……….. with a team spirit. All the games are but football is my favorite game.

Book/ Pen/ Pencil/ Table/ Desk/ Chair/ Fan/ Cap/ Knife/ Mirror
This is a ……… It is my ……… It is new pen. I bought it from bazaar. Its price is 100 rupees. Its colour is red. It is made of good material. It is made in Pakistan. It is very beautiful. I like it very much.

My friend/ My Father/ My Teacher/ Our Principal/The Farmer/ The Labor/ The Policeman/ My Neighbour/ My Servant
The name of my ……. is Ali. He is very noble. He is 30 year old. He is very gentle. He offer prayer five times a day. He gets up early in the morning. He goes out for a walk daily. He is very kind to me. I like him very much.

Class room
It is my class room. It has one door. It has four windows. There is a table and a chair for teacher. There is also a white board in the class. There are charts and pictures on its walls. It is a very beautiful class room. I like it very much.


A hare And The Tortoise
Once a hare and a tortoise were friends. The hare was very proud of his speed. He challenged him to run a race. The tortoise accepted his challenge of race. They started together. The hare ran fast. He left the tortoise far behind. He set down under a tree and nodded off. But the tortoise moved on slowly and steadily until he reached the winning post. The hare woke up and saw that the tortoise was already there.
Moral: slow and steady wins the race
Union Is Strength
Once there was an old man. He had three sons. They always quarreled each other. He was worried. He hit a plan. He brought a bundle of sticks. He ordered his sons to break it one by one. They tried their best but could not. He unfastened the package and requesting that they break the sticks one by one.They broke them easily. He advised them to remain united. His sons promised to remain united in future.
Moral: union is strength
Shepherd And The Wolf
A shepherd used to graze sheep in a jungle. He as a joke cried wolf! Wolf! The villagers ran for his help. They found nothing. They cursed him. The boy repeated the joke after few days. They ran for his help. They saw no wolf. The villagers became angry. One day a wolf really came there. He cried wolf! Wolf! The villagers did not come for help. The wolf killed the boy and ate many sheep.
Moral: once a liar, always a liar
The Hen Which Laid Golden Eggs
A man had a hen which laid brilliant egg each day.He was very greedy man by nature. He wanted to get a lot of wealth at once. So, he decided to kill the hen in order to get all the golden eggs. He slaughtered it. He found that there was no egg in its paunch. He started weeping but all in vain.
Moral: greed is curse


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English Essays and Stories PEC Class 5th and 8th



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