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Education: The best example of a child is at home

Lead: From the birth of your child, you become his absolute reference. From there, everything the child does or says depends on what he has learned at home.
If you want to prove that the best example for children is at home, be sure to be a good mirror so they can be reflected on you. Through humanity, children notice what they see and say at home. Their curious eyes understand what these behaviors are. There is no doubt that your role model for children is worth more than a thousand words.

Your little one will notice everything you do. They judge you in your actions and draw your own conclusions. In general, children like and admire their parents. Therefore, you represent the image that they want to identify themselves. In other words, if you feel sad, it will be his. Your emotions, self-esteem and behavior will also be spread. Remember: the best example of children is at home.
Parents’ words about their behavior. The children quickly realized that parents did not always behave in line with what they preached. For example, they may ask themselves this question with a critical attitude: “Why does my mother tell me not to scream if she screams again? Why did she tell me if I open the faucet while cooking, don’t let the faucet open?”.

Don’t condemn your child when you accuse you of any shortcomings. Instead, tell him that you are fighting your own mistakes and weaknesses. Children need your love, your gentleness, support, understanding and guidance. They need to be listened to, but most of them need to follow the example. They must find consistency between what you say and what you do. In this way, they will be able to adapt to the teachings they get from their parents.
Children and the world. Children interact with the world and find answers based on their questions. In other words, if you ask your child to keep it clean, you must also keep it clean.
In addition, if you ask him not to talk swearing, it is important that they will not say it from your mouth. Not only teach or explain values. They need support from their parents’ examples and experience.

Through the actions of parents, children can learn what happiness and common sense are. They also learn to develop self-control and so on. It is worth mentioning that parents are not the only family members who influence their children’s education and behavior. Grandparents, uncles and aunts, cousins or friends who share daily life with their children have a direct influence on their behavior.
Let parents proudly say that the best example of children is at home, and we recommend that you follow these suggestions: If you don’t want your child to communicate with others through screaming, don’t scream at them. On the other hand, if you want your child to be interested in reading, please read with him and read it for him. Give him the opportunity to see you studying. In order to avoid extortion or coercion, you should not blackmail him. Do you want your child to tell the truth? Do not deceive him under any circumstances.

Summary: In the end, you must remember that anything you say or do directly affects your child’s behavior. He will repeat everything he sees. Never forget: the best example of children is at home.

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