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Early childhood education, kindergarten teachers often say “5+2=0”, why?

Early childhood education, kindergarten teachers often say “5+2=0”, why?

I remember that before my family was happy to go to kindergarten, the teacher came to visit the family and told me about a phenomenon of “5+2=0”, saying that this was often mentioned in the nurses’ teachers. At that time, I was very curious and wondering why the five plus two should be equal to zero?
It turns out that after entering the kindergarten, the children will gradually develop good habits such as eating at a fixed time, falling asleep on time, and doing things independently, under the guidance of the teacher. In general, a series of studies conducted by children in kindergartens are aimed at cultivating good living habits, study habits and interpersonal skills. It can be said that during the day of the Friday, the children will regularly work in the kindergarten, take care of themselves, and politely make friends. It can be two days on the weekend. If the parents don’t pay attention, they will immediately “return the original shape.” Late nights, no meals, parents, etc. The good habits that children spend five days in kindergartens are disrupted at home for two days, but it is not “5+2=0” ?

“5+2=0”, in the end, it is the teacher’s sigh that can’t be unified for school education and family education.

Think about what the parents expect from their children before they enter the park: my children still have to eat now, I hope to go to kindergarten to eat for themselves; my children love to beat people, I hope to let the teacher in the future Multi-tube; my children don’t like to play with children, I hope to be better in interpersonal relationships in the future. It seems that the kindergarten is a melting pot. Before the children did not enter, they were a piece of stone. After they came out, they all turned into gold.
Kindergarten’s responsibility to perform is understandable, but parents should never neglect family education for their children. I want to let the children learn to take care of themselves but do all kinds of things at home. Isn’t it against the kindergarten? Because the child is shy and introverted, I hope to make more friends in the kindergarten, but the parents can move, lead the children to visit relatives and friends, and give him social demonstrations, instead of the weekend family is at home, the children watching TV, Parents play games.


Let me say that for preschool children, family education is even more important than school education. After all, the child is still young, and the longest time with his parents, coupled with the role of emotional bonds, is easy to learn.
Good family education for children is actually very simple: what kind of people parents want their children to be, and do it first. If you don’t want your child to watch the animation and play the mobile phone all day, you should first stop the addiction to the TV addiction. I want my child to fall in love with reading a book. How can I do without a book in my hand? “Teaching is greater than words” is always the truth.

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