Friday , March 27 2020

Children’s mental health Education should pay attention to these 10 items.

Children’s mental health education should pay attention to these 10 items 1. be careful not to care too much about your child. This makes it easy for the child to be too self-centered and believes that everyone should respect him and become a self-important person.

2. do not bribe the child, let the child know the relationship between rights and obligations from an early age, and not fulfill the obligation to enjoy the rights.

3. don’t be too close to children. Children should be encouraged to live, study and play with people of the same age so that they can learn how to get along with others.

4. do not force the children to do something that is incompetent. The child’s self-confidence is mostly due to the success of the work, forcing them to do what they can’t do, will only strike their self-confidence.

5. Don’t be too harsh, beg and even fight against your child. This will make the child develop unhealthy psychology such as inferiority, timidity, escape, or lead to abnormal behavior such as resistance, cruelty, lying, running away from home.

6. Don’t deceive and threaten children indiscriminately. To scare a child will lose the authority of parents in the child’s mind. After all the warnings, the child will not obey.

7. Don’t criticize or laugh at children in front of your friends. This will cause children’s hatred and shyness, which will greatly damage their children’s self-esteem.

8. do not over-reward the child, the child has achieved results in doing things, a little appreciative, too much praise will make the child contaminated the bad heart of the reputation.

9. do not be angry with the child, this will make the child sensitive and suspicious, emotionally unstable, timid and cringe.

10. To help the child to analyze his environment. Help children solve problems instead of solving them. Children should be taught to analyze problems and solve problems. 

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