Friday , March 27 2020

Children’s mental health education, seven small method affects a child’s life, parents must understand the next!

Every parent want their children to be healthy, happy growing up, baby’s health and peace is the best hope for the parents, many parents also paid special attention to children’s education, but very few parents of mental health education is attention, in fact, children develop a character with mental health have a great relationship, parent education methods of children’s mental health or not depends, that today we have to take stock of educational methods to guide children’s mental health 7.

No.1: interest guiding methods

Children do not like to force things very easy for children rebellious, so parents should go to discover their interests and hobbies based on the child’s personality and talent.

No.2: negative education law

Although some things to keep the kids do is good for the children, but you have to let him know why, this is the case, parents can use a negative example so that children distinguish right from wrong, then give the child what guidance do what is wrong, so it can prevent the occurrence of adverse incidents.

No.3: combination of Tempering Justice Act

In fact, many times we say “strict teacher a great day,” our ancestors left behind, then nature is not wrong, but you have to understand the meaning of this sentence ah, what the strict, where the width must make it clear. Not only teach but also requires strict tolerance, help give children a healthy state of mind and a strong psychological qualities.

No.4: Incentives Law

Children in many places do not so good, when in fact is very much like to get parents to encourage, or trying to do things to success also hope to get Mom and Dad’s praise, because the children there is a need to recognize the need to encourage mental they like success. In this way you can motivate them to succeed.

No.5: ask law

This method is to exercise the child’s ability to judge, because language is a tool to communicate the hearts of children, the child is good at listening to the parents of tone, on many issues, tempting when parents and children to talk, ask, ask, this can help children the development of creative thinking, but also help to improve children’s own analysis and judgment, experience problems like independent thinking.

No.6: Law questioned

Adult decisions sometimes are not right, the teacher said the children in school are not necessarily right, to educate children learn to question.

No.7: storytelling method

Many children love to hear stories, many parents also enjoy listening to adult bedtime story, no matter how busy as parents should find time to talk about some healthy children’s story, the story of which can help children to judge what is right and what is wrong, and a good story can be a child psychological adjustment, but also to inspire children to make progress, why not do it.

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