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children’s elementary education is very important

children’s elementary education is very important, elementary education is the only way to learn!

children’s elementary education is very important. Every time a quick exam, tyrants learn to discuss the science of God is especially warm, because there will always be powerful student refresh our knowledge, piled mountain home from school awards, winning junior competitions always, and then to be the world’s elite high school early admission, from small to large test scores are always first 1%.

Many children are not old enough for the parents of these tyrants learn the news side of the heart is envy, saying that “other people’s children,” gifted, young children because of the side, which hold the excited state of mind. In fact, science has been able to become a school Pa Pa, the reason their children are already visible on the stage. What are the reasons to make them so powerful it?

There are people who ask this question: one percent of high school students rely on talent is still ranked in the top through hard work?

2018 Big Data show: 68 national college entrance exam, family education strikingly similar!

The ability to have college entrance exam, most of them are actually derived from an early age my parents!

A child from birth beginning, the parents became the child’s first teacher, the child life-long teacher. The gap between the children, not by talent and opened the family, but on parental education. Parents are their children’s first teachers, good family educational growth of the children has a crucial importance. So, a good family education environment is to determine the child’s life events.

People often say: education of their children to do “words and deeds” and “Example is better than precept” of the profound impact of the child’s parents for anyone who can not be replaced.

From birth to puberty, it can be called elementary education stage, the golden age before the age of three, after more than ten years is the critical period. There is an old saying: “Look-year-old big, old-year-old to see.” This is not no scientific basis for early childhood education, her children, this time to its scope than we imagined have strong plasticity Education at this stage the best performance of its influence.

This influence, from front to back, gradually decreasing. So the children of elementary education, the more do the early, more well done, it can be said is the real time is money.

This shows that the Gaussian childhood often exposed to a variety of digital, inadvertently let him early age mastered the elementary arithmetic. There is such a mathematical background application father, it means that he began to receive the most scientific training and guidance at an early age, the underlying logic of accumulation from this area, but also crowded throughout his entire perception of space.

Bring intelligence capabilities gap is there, but, no matter how high inductive ability, but also not worth love reading children have accumulated considerable experience and theoretical stock; react even faster, but also not worth the strong will of the children never lectures God of endurance to go; another strong memory not worth the good tutor children easily focus on two hours of good habits.

A learning experience people are used to poor may lack discipline at an early age, “give something boring and seek entertainment,” the more, so let him build synapses accustomed to derive pleasure, to adapt to the high stimulation of things;

A good study habits might be some better education, from an early age to adapt to a boring piano dance calligraphy and painting, so experience less exciting chase, to adapt to the low stimulation things, more accustomed to persevere in the dry. And the ensuing good results and positive incentives such pro-boring habit.


Elementary education as a road fortified with high walls, small piano in between painting and video games, books literary classics in a network with no brain between comics, guide and encourage between clever and brutal duck instill in science when doting domestic violence between the words and deeds of the excessive ······ so you find it all, towering between ordinary people and the school bully, is a road through the barriers of invisible and extremely difficult, brutal segment the strength orderly, not transgression.

If let the children enjoy the best educational resources and guidance, the best study habits and habits of mind will be able to slowly penetrated the bone marrow into the blood.

Five years to develop in a certain lessons to concentrate on learning habits; eight times in a contact plant seeds on a subject of interest; build skills ahead of the year-old self in a particular boot in; fifteen in a contest training has accumulated countless ways of thinking …

Then they will be able to withstand the “gifted,” “vision” “active thinking” and aura, become someone else calls the “school bully.”

While not receiving elementary education at an early age to develop good habits of children, the more difficult to grow up across the difficulties will only more, more effort is still less than one tenth of the efficiency of others.

Many parents often have children, he said: “You see the child XXX home, how hard, how smart, grades are so good!” But never think about whether their education as a problem. Some parents do not pay attention to children in the education process of ways and means, always in accordance with their usual thinking to require that children, from children and not communicate, do not respect the child’s ideas and opinions, how long in this environment old child, the child how good can it?

A man of thirty, he stood in what position and height, not his decision to a three-year-old, three years old, he decided, and this is the value and significance of elementary education. Parents, do not all of the energy on the child’s body, while ignoring other important aspects of child development – psychological growth.

After all painful, not “I can not”, but “I can!”

I believe that today Clueless “little”, is also likely to become more than a dozen years after the envy of everyone “learning Pa” mean?

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