Friday , March 27 2020

Children’s education should start from what?

Children’s education has been the greatest responsibility of parents, parents lead by example, allow children detours in the future, to cultivate children, the parents should be in many ways.

1, to cultivate children’s interests

Interests of culture can let the children play a good role in the future development, based on the child’s strengths, to observe, to think, to choose the right early to cultivate an interest for the children, the child’s self-cultivation have a very good effect.

2, to develop good habits

Habits decide success or failure, which shows details of parenting. The culture of personal behavior etiquette of children is extremely important. First, parents should set an example, parents are the best teachers, the parents’ words and deeds, the child is able to absorb subtle and learned a lot. The good behavior enough to let the children take a lot less detours in the road in the future.

Again, training time must be before the rebellious children, when the children are still immature, malleable, and the degree of education is high, more easily absorbed and digested. And after the rebellion, rebellious child will suddenly strengthen, words and deeds of their parents have a clear sense of resistance, then, then education will be difficult.

3, to develop children’s confidence

Appropriate for young children confidence education is necessary, in the future children will have time to work independently, self-confidence if a child has not been set up, grow up a little bit of difficulty encountered setbacks will be defeated easily. Therefore, parents must instill self-confidence in children as a child, tell the child to experience difficulties self-confidence, by virtue of their own strength to overcome.

4, reward and punishment

The child did the right thing parents should be timely and appropriate amount of reward can be a word of encouragement, a hug may be, may be a promise, it is necessary to note that parents must promise to do, you can not do when it comes to parents integrity is compromised in the hearts of children, parents and their children’s future will be like that. Moreover, it is not recommended to parents of children taking material rewards, too small does not look good, too much is not suitable, sometimes too much material rewards often get the opposite effect.

5, interpersonal skills

Childhood interpersonal skills to develop children’s critical to the future development of the child. Communication is the bridge friends, good interpersonal skills children can make more friends in the future. A taciturn man destined to be loner, destined to be isolated for all, so timely educate their children may block the occurrence of this phenomenon.

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