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Children’s education: let the children know how to cherish the time

Time is equal for everyone, who has a sense of urgency, who cherish the time who diligence, anyone can get the old man’s reward time. the beginning of childhood, adolescence positive in life, such as the rising sun, the golden age of learning.

Children develop good concept of time

Develop good concept of time is an essential prerequisite for the success of a person to do things, but that does not mean all of them. Especially for children, good habits are manifold. Parents are their children’s first teachers, and children in the daily life of years, the most understanding and most familiar with their children, while the parents consciously or unconsciously revealed in front of children’s every move, are used to form some child sex It plays a vital role.

However, due to the negligence of some parents, and believe that the child is still small, the children asked to do things less smell less and less control, lack of incentives for the children the correct behavior to strengthen, wrong behavior not strongly discouraged, over time, will make the problem becomes more prominent, leading to good habits are not formed, but the formation of a lot of bad habits.

To teach children to maximize efficiency

rest. General work an hour or so, the brain will be tired, still hard at this time, then, learning efficiency is poor.

Brain regions using different disciplines in the brain are different, such as abstract thinking mainly in the left brain, right brain thinking in images in the main. Therefore, parents can teach their children alternate learning, so that all parts of the brain take turns to rest. The same day in the morning, in the morning full of energy, let the child step up his efforts to learn the difficult lessons, solve more complex problems.

Teach children to make good use of block of time to do a big deal

Some things are best to use a piece of time, coherent, dry out the results. For example, children in the calculation of a complex math problem, if you want every day for a while, then do something else, then the next day you have to start from scratch think, because yesterday the idea has been forgotten. In this case, it would be wasted time.

Let the children use the “countdown” approach to arrange a time

Only after the child experience the dawdling will bring their own losses, they will consciously get up. Therefore, let the children pay the price for their own dawdling, let the children go to taste the natural consequences of dawdling, it would be a good way to get rid of the child dawdle problems.

Let’s say a child after getting up in the morning dallying, parents Do not worry, do not help him, to remind children about the “do not hurry going to be of being late for school, if the child is really late, the teacher must be asked why he was late, the child endure the criticism, will realize that to dawdle bring their own harm, after several children will naturally speed up their own.

Increase the child’s sense of urgency

Lack of moderate tension is an important reason many children do things dawdle, so parents can “create” point in a child’s life in a tense atmosphere, some of the child’s nerves taut, the accelerated pace of life of some children.

Washing, dressing, eating and doing homework and other activities to add some timing Majesty, how long it takes to do these things, agreed in advance with the children well together, and then ask the child at a specified time depending on the circumstances of the child, give the child’s security quality and quantity, the children would do better to give some incentives, it does not do well to give some punishment. For example, children eat dawdle, parents can go to the specified time to not allow him to eat, but also mind to come, no less than the next meal to feed their children and so on.

Let the children a regular daily routine

Randomness child mental processes of a strong, self-control is poor. Often while eating, while playing; one thing has not been done, and my heart thinking about other things; things always disorganized and incoherent. If parents do not pay attention, it will allow the child to develop “drag” of bad habits, over time, this will be ingrained bad habits. This time, parents must insist that children develop regular habits.

Good habits is to develop the concept of time premise. Parents and children can develop together a work schedule, what time to get up, wash how long, how much time to eat breakfast, what to do first after school, then what to do, go to bed and so on, so that children can make a reasonable s arrangement. Only fixed schedule, a habit, a child in order to have a clear understanding of the time to develop a good sense of time.

Written in the last

Children physical exercise will not take less than one hour per day, do not sleep less than 10 hours. Lack of sleep can affect development, it will also affect intelligence. Long-term lack of sleep, poor learning efficiency, performance will drop. Also give the child free time, he can use this time for friends, reading, develop hobbies.

Sunday to give the child adequate rest, engage in normal recreational activities. In short, a relaxation, civil and military way, both to make the children race against time, cherish the time, to allow our children have enough time to rest, sleep, exercise, develop hobbies. Do not put all the time the child is scheduled to be air tight.

Let your child know the value of time, taking the time and spend their time on meaningful things, have a profound impact on a child’s life will be.

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