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Children have four qualities, grew up mostly been very good, grow up very promising

We broke the news will always be a certain talent deeds, from small to large, very beautiful history. Then these small to large are good people in the end is why it is so good it? As the saying goes, given the age of three eighty many people from small to large outstanding course is not available because it has some special qualities of others. If many parents want their kids to very good, we should pay attention to their children toward these qualities cultivated. Some habits and develop high-quality sooner, the greater the growth of the children help. Next we will look at in the end is what qualities these children grew up mostly been very good.

First, the self-learning potential

With the constant changes in society, the reserves information society must also be growing. So a person in order to follow the laws of social development, in this ever-changing society to become a talent, we must keep up the pace of social development, continue to learn. So even those industry leader billionaire, still did not forget to learn. Hong Kong’s Li Ka-shing every morning to keep the secretary read the edited presentation to get the message around the world. Ma also did not forget to learn, especially in a foreign country can be seen in his video of the visit, his spoken English is very good, and this is his learning results.

Second, the very open mind

The era of what we value most? Of course, innovation, and this is an emphasis on innovation in society. Innovation in science and technology to bring a new feel convenient products, institutional innovation to improve people’s productivity, so that people at work more smoothly, more standardized. Therefore, both levels of government or major universities, have a very high value innovation. If the parents of the child have a certain ability to innovate, we must grasp this opportunity to continue to allow children to more and more interested in innovation. With innovative thinking ability of the kids are very agile. During middle and high school, I do question the speed is faster than the others, can always figure out a problem-solving fast problem-solving methods themselves.

Third, very seriously

Many children are the same as in the ADHD and had little time, be sure to “rebel” in various places every day. To a great deal of time and also as a giant baby. Such children also tend to eat a lot of losses in the future growth because they can not concentrate on one thing. Therefore, parents must give children an early age to create a quiet atmosphere to encourage children to be able to do one thing seriously. Only serious to be able to complete their goals. All times, those who have accomplished, everyone made a very serious time to do something special. Only concentrate on doing one thing, in order to improve their own learning and work efficiency.

Fourth, there is the dream

Parents should ask their children, there is no dream. Whether anyone needs a dream, a dream that had been the target. If the students can have their dreams short term, be able to dream and work, parents should be happy fishes, and to encourage children to continue to chase a dream. Once established their own dreams and goals, the next step is for their own dreams and goals to strive for the. So always wanted to let children develop decomposition of goals, achieve the goal of habit. Whether you are entering middle school or go to college, to make a plan for your life goals, the only way. To leave his dream a little closer.

Dear Parents must be persuasive when the education of their children, lead by example, strict requirements. Only the best of the parents to be able to train a good child. Parents are their children’s mirror, you want the child to become a good person, parents will have to lead by example. Dear Parents also do not insist too much, because cultivate a habit or a trait that requires a very long effort.

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