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Childhood education is very important to read these books, teach parents effective implementation of the scientific method

Now each child’s education is the most important thing the family, how to educate the boy, make him an excellent talent useful to society and this is all parents need to seriously consider. In the process of education must carry out scientific and effective way to understand their children, care for the child. today to tell you a few books on the education of children, hoping to help all parents.

The first “Modern Education The Lack Of Any Discipline”

Description: child newborn is innocent, there is no difference, the key is acquired environmental impact only the difference. There are three large environments: family, school and society. Where home education is the starting point for all education, is one of the earliest to accept education, affecting a minor character, feelings, thoughts and so on are very important, plays a very important role in the habit of living, learning, working, etc., is the basis of all education is the starting point of the entire education. School education plays a leading role, is a continuation and complement family education. Social education of children of the most extensive, and as the children grew older, more and more influence. These three factors determine the child is not capable of long, long and to what extent, grow into what it was like. Children grow bad reason lies in these three areas. Only they have a deep understanding in order to cultivate a good boy. This book is a combination of these three areas to find the godson of general misunderstanding and misunderstanding with the new modern changes occur, the child growing up essential elements of what? How appropriate, timely add? And summed up the problem of efficient, effective and feasible method.

This second “Discovery Children: Children’s education manual”

Description: Montessori believed that children are born with a kind of “intrinsic vitality”, it can release a powerful force in the child’s growth process. This vitality is positive, active, and it continues to grow as the child’s development. Montessori also pointed out that education is to inspire children to play and promote “the inherent potential” exists, it is natural to make the children get and free to develop according to its own laws. Children should not be treated as objects or pets, but should be treated as a genuine person. Container carrying an adult child is not thinking, can not be arbitrarily shaped mud or soft wax, not to arbitrarily carved wood, not a garden of flowers or tethered dog door. Children is a constantly developing people, educators, teachers and parents should carefully observe the child, the child’s understanding.

This third “Child Education Motto”

Description: Children more need of models than of critics a humble foal, may grow into a horse; a stubborn dirty little boy could grow up to be decent useful hero. Childhood is convinced that a teenager is suspected, adulthood is understanding. Give the child a little love, he will reward you with a lot of love, the children grew up in the praise, they learn appreciation; children growing in acceptance in, they learned to love; children growing in the affirmative, he learned to behave.

IV of the “Education after hosted school children study”

Description: This book focuses on the plight of hosting children’s education after school, and hosting market education services to solve the problem. Research mainly includes three aspects: First, comparative analysis of foreign child care education developments. From the demand side of the main hosting services – the supply side of parents and children hosted services – hosting two educational institutions and research analyzes market behavior childcare education, understanding and knowledge of child care education industry the basic situation and characteristics. Third, the main problem of the development of child care and education industry suggestions. Mainly from the government and childcare educational institutions themselves two point of view of how to promote research and development of child care education industry.
recommended these books I hope to help to parents, and parenting books recommend small series will continue in the future, if you like welcome attention to the small series, and finally thanks for reading.

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