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How do you make your child stand out in the class?

How do you make your child stand out in the class? A lot of mothers use the wrong way. Child Education

Child not only represents himself but also represents the parents, when the child stands out in the class after the parents can also sided, when the child in the class to learn the countdown to the rankings, parents face will also be destroyed.This shows the quality of child education.

Last week the children’s class opened a parent-child meeting, in the whole class of many parents are reacting to the problem of children’s seats, sitting in front of the blackboard easy myopia? Sitting at the end of the teacher what to say in class can not hear clearly? In fact, these are not the most important, to want children to stand out in the class, forcing children to learn is not enough, many parents have used the wrong method. From a child’s point of view, find out what your child needs most, and make him a learning reward and punishment rule so that your child will naturally stand out!

Wrong method of forced learning

Child In Class

Many parents in life for children have a good future, forcing children to study carefully ~ But parents do not understand this: when the heart of the child is not in the study, forced still useful?

Parents do not force children to learn, write homework, even if your child is forced to write, but the child’s heart has long been outside to play with small partners, such learning is not fruitful

Correct method of reward and punishment

Parents should have a modern point of view, now most of the children like electronic products, many children have their own mobile phone small, unexpectedly children like mobile phones, then this is the child’s pain point ~ Parents can customize a reward and punishment method: As long as the final exam xx points, and in this period of performance superior, Failure to receive complaints from teachers and the phenomenon of unfinished homework, reward xx!

When parents make such a reward and punishment mechanism, the child will naturally stand out in the class.

For example, children like to play mobile phone: Do the mobile phone casually play, can not do half do not want to touch the mobile phone ~ According to the different years of children need things are not the same, parents can be customized according to their own children a

In the method of reward and punishment education, parents must speak to account, and can not lose words ~ otherwise parents in the eyes of children are no trust, children do, parents have to do, children do not do should accept the corresponding punishment! There must also be a reward for punishment so that the child can enlighten the child.

children’s elementary education is very important


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