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Child health begins with children’s sports

One parent said that the friends around,
All families with children are fully arranged on weekends.
The family is accompanying children to practice basketball, softball, swimming, football…
The most important thing is the real investment of the parents.
Pay attention to children’s sports and pay attention to children’s health.
In Pakistan, students are not only taking part in school physical education (partially replaced by other main courses),
Only 15% of teenagers do enough physical activity every day;
On the contrary, about 60% (58%) of the young people,
Spend at least 2 hours a day watching TV, playing video games or surfing the internet.

It is undeniable that the recognition of sports ability in the entire society of the United States makes school sports occupy such an important position in the education system. So that no matter whether American students have enough interest in sports, they have to participate in exercise unless they do not want to enter the ideal university.
The situation in China is exactly the opposite. In order to progress to the ideal university, children have to stay away from sports. Because sports take up the preparation time, but also because the college entrance examination does not test, can not choose the exam. We affirm the Olympic results. We understand that athletes are not easy, but we just don’t agree that sports is an ability.
In fact, people with a sports background are more likely to achieve success. If you learn a little more in line with the physical strengths of your child’s grades, and participate in some sports competitions, you will be able to maximize their intellectual endowment, and the child will benefit forever.
Children belong to the outdoors. They are passionate about sports. With them, only parents, and the power of leading by example is enormous. Next time, when you want to take your child’s eyes away from the iPad and mobile phone, the best way is to tell him: go, go out and play.
Suitable for children’s sports

It has been said that playing badminton is one of the best parent-child interactions to date and is extremely beneficial to physical development. When playing badminton, the action of returning to the high ball is equivalent to the backwards arm of the ballet, which makes the cervical vertebra and the spine relaxed. This is not only for the long-term desk writing or the child who is practicing the piano, but also can prevent the excessive suppression caused by excessive spinal pressure. High consequences, there are also great benefits to the prevention of cervical spondylosis.
Children who play badminton are not only flexible in their minds, but also the rapid movement under their feet is quite beneficial for stretching the ligaments on the inside of the thighs, around the knees and inside the calves. Children who play badminton from the age of five or six can be about 5 centimeters taller than their peers. In addition, ophthalmologists have found that the eye must quickly follow the badminton during the game, which has unexpected benefits for the eyeball function of children aged 5-9.

Table tennis is a ball sport that combines strength, speed, flexibility, agility and endurance. It is also a perfect combination of technology and tactics. The research results of children’s table tennis players’ psychological quality show that they generally have higher intelligence level, better operation ability than ordinary students, emotional stability, self-confidence, self-confidence, independence, and agility, intellectual factors and personality. Coordination of factor development. So smart and courageous, is it not so fast for children to walk from the computer to the table?

Football is probably the most popular item in children’s sports. As the most important sport throughout the entire child’s body growth movement, football covers the development of children’s psychological quality and physical training, which cannot be given by technology products such as video games. Football is indeed a very interesting sport for children. Children can develop pride through football, learn the ability to cooperate and communicate with others, and exercise the respect and responsibility in cooperation. If you want your child to exercise and practice a skill, football is a good choice.

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