Chemistry Fsc Part1 Test:5 – Inter Part-1

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Paper: Chemistry        1st Year         Test # 5     T.M: 40     

Q No.1                Answer the following questions.                              (16)

(i)         What are induced dipole force?

(ii)        Define polariziability.

(iii)       Why H2O is liquid and H2S is gas at room temp?

(iv)       Why ice float an surface of water?

(iv)       Define vaccume distillation.

(iv)       Draw lable diagram of Monometric method.

(iv)       Define molar heat of vapourization.

(iv)       What are crystallites?


( Part – II )


Q.No.2 Explain role of hydrogen in biological compounds.                                (8)


Q.No.3 Write a note on application of liquid crystals.                                           (8)


( Objective )

Q.No.3 Choose the correct option.                                                   (8)

1. The forces of attraction b/w two non-polar molecule are
a Dipole dipole b London forces c Induced dipole d H-bonding
 2. Density of water at 4Co ________ of original water
a Less b More c Equal d None
3. Which one is stronger acid?
a HI b HF c HBr d HCl
4. As temperature increases rate of evaporation
a Increases b Decreases c Remain same d Much decreased
5. Which one have high vapour pressure
a H2O b C2H5OH c Ether d Iodine
6. Vaccum distillation occurs at
a Low temp b Low pressure c Low temp and low pressure d High pressure
7. Which one has high boiling point
a H2S b H2Sc c H2O d CH4
8. Exporation mostly occurs at _________ temperature
a Low b High c Moderate d All temp


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You can download  the above test paper Chemistry Fsc Part 1  in pdf format by clicking the link given below

Chemistry 1st year T#5


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