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Chemistry Fsc Part1 Test:4 – Inter Part-1

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                       Paper: Chemistry        1st Year         Test # 4     T.M: 40     

Q No.1                Answer the following questions.                              (16)

(i)         Write three properties of gases?

(ii)        Write down different units of pressure.

(iii)       Define isotherm?

(iv)       Define absolute or Kelvin scale?.

(v)         Derive Gas laws from ideal gas equation.

(vi)       What is physical meaning of R?

(vii)     Derive value of R in SI units of P and V.

(viii)    Derive formula of density from ideal gas equation.

(ix)       Convert 20 oC into K and o

(x)        Why we cannot find the size of atom by ordinary micro scope?

(xi)       Why formation of cation is endothermic reaction?

(xii)     How molecular ion are formed?

(xiii)    Why theoretical yield is greater than actual yield?


( Part – II )


Q.No.2 Define and explain absolute zero.                                                       (8)


Q.No.3 Define Dalton’s law of partial pressure. Explain its applications.(8)

( Objective )

Q.No.3 Choose the correct option.                                                   (8)

1. Solid particles has a motion.
a Translational b Vibrational c Rotational d All of these
 2. SI unit of pressure
a atm b dm3 c Nm-2 d Joul
3. Graph b/w P and V at constant temperature is
a Isobar b Isochor c Isotherm d Isotope
4. Charles’s law is obeyed when temperature is taken as
a Celsius scale b Fahrenheil scale c Kelvin scale d All of these
5. Unit of energy is
a Joule b atmdm3 c erg d All
6. Absolute zero is equal to
a 0Co b 273K c 0K d -273K
7. Meteorologists use unit of pressure
a Pascal b Millibar c Nm-2 d atm
8. The value of R in atmdm3k-1mol-1
a 62.4 b 0.0821 c 8.3143 d 760


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You can download  the above test paper Chemistry Fsc Part 1  in pdf format by clicking the link given below

Chemistry 1st year T#4


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