Chemistry Fsc Part1 Test:3 – Inter Part-1

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                 Paper: Chemistry        1st Year         Test # 3     T.M: 48     

 Q No.1                Answer the following questions.                              (24)                         

(i)         How splashing is avoided during filteration?

(ii)        What is chromatogram?

(iii)       Write down uses of chromatography?

(iv)       Differentiate b/w qualitative and quantitative analysis.

(v)        What is fluted filter paper?

(vi)      Differentiate b/w adsorption and partition chromatography.

(vii)    Enlist solvents used in crystallization.

(viii)    What is mother liquior?

(ix)      Calculate mass in gram of 2.78 1021 molecule of CrO2 Cl2

(x)       No individual atom in simple of neon has mass 20.18 amu.

(xi)      Define molar volume and gram atom

(xii)     Calculate moles of oxygen in 0.12 gram of MgSO4.

( Part – II )

Q.No.2 Write note on solvent extraction.                                         (8)

Q.No.3 Explain. (i) Sublimation  (ii) Properties of Ideal solvent  (4+4 = 8)

 ( Objective )

Q.No.3 Choose the correct option.                                                   (8)

1. Slow cooling of saturated solution yield _________ crystals.
a Small size b Bigger size c Moderate size d Tiny size
 2. Which one is not dehydrating agent
a CaCl2 b Silica c Phosphorous penta oxide d None
3. Colour of free iodine in organic phase is
a Purple b Brown c Pink d Blue
4. Solvent extraction is an equilibrium process and it is controlled by
a Law of mass action b Amount of solvent used c Distribution law d Amount of solute
5. Which one sublimating material
a Ammonium chloride b Benzene c Iodine d Both a, c
6. How many major steps involved in Quantitative analysis
a 2 b 4 c 6 d 5
7. In solvent extraction mostly solvent used
a Water b Benzene c Ether d Ammonia
8. In adsorption chromatography the stationary phase is
a Liquid b Solid c Gas d All

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Chemistry 1st year T#3

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