Chemistry Fsc Part1 Test:2 – Inter Part-1

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                  Paper: Chemistry        1st Year         Test # 2     T.M: 40     

Q No.1                Answer the following questions.                              (16)

(i)         Justify Mg atom is twice heavier than carbon atom.

(ii)        2g of H2 and 44g of Co2 occupy same volume justify.

(iii)       Write down the conditions of stoichiometry.

(iv)       Define gram formula with example.

(v)        Why actual yield is less than theoretical yield?

(vi)      How efficiency of reaction is expressed?

(vii)     Define Avogadro’s number.

(viii)   Define theoretical and actual yield.


( Part – II )

Q.No.2 Describe in detail limiting reactants.                                  (8)

 Q.No.3 Write a note on stoichiometry.                                            (8)

( Objective )

Q.No.3 Choose the correct option.                                                   (8)

1. Quantitative relationship b/w reactants and products in a balanced chemical eq. is called
a %age yield b Stoichiometry c Limiting reactants d %age composition
 2. In gaseous state distance b/w molecules is how many time greater than their diameter
a 700 times b 600 times c 300 times d 200 times
3. Chemical equation does not tells us about
a Conditions of reaction b Rate of reaction c Both d None
4. Limiting reactant gives
a Minimum no. of moles of product b Maximum no. of moles of product c Zero mole of product d All true
5. The formula mass of an ionic compound expressed in grams is called
a Empirical formula b Molecular formula c Gram formula d Gram ion
6. One gram molecule of different molecular substance have mass
a Same b Different c Both d None
7. On ionization H2SO4 will give how many positive charge
a 2 b 1 c 6.02×1023 d 2×6.02×1023
8. 18g of H2O contain H-atoms
a 1 b 2 c NA d 2NA

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Chemistry 1st year T#2


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