Chemistry Fsc Part1 Test:1 – Inter Part-1

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Paper: Chemistry              1st Year         Test#1                       T.M: 45

Q No.1 Encircle correct option 1×13=13

  1. Monoisotopic element is

       a).fluorine   b). arsenic  c). gold    d).all

  1. Formation of anion is property of

a).metals   b). non metals  c). metalloids    d).noble gases

  1. which of following can exist independently

a).Na      b). K  c). He    d).Cl

  1. formation of uninegative ion is a process

a).slow   b). fast  c). endothermic    d).exothermic

  1. Out of 280 natural occurring isotopes are

a).40   b). 60  c). 80    d).100

  1. Haemoglobin is found in

a). urine   b). milk  c). blood    d).saliva

  1. which element has six isotopes

a).Nickel   b). cadmium  c). tin    d).palladium

  1. chemical name of vitamin c is

a).citric acid   b). ascorbic acid  c). acetic acid    d).tartaric acid

  1. Volume occupied by 14 grams of at S.T.P is

(a) 11.2 dm3        (b) 112 cm3         (c)  22.4 dm3           (d) none

  1. Number of moles of Co2 which contain 8.0 grams of oxygen is

(a) 0.25                   (b) 0.50                  (c) 1.0                            (d) 1.50

  1. Moles of oxygen atom in 9.00 grams of

(a) 0.30                (b) 0.36                (c) 0.39                    (d) 0.43

  1. What is molecular moss of serotonin if mass of C=12, H=1, N=14, O=16

(a) 176                 (b) 182               (c) 188                       (d) 170

  1. Which compound conduct nerve impulses in brain and muscles

(a) Ascorbic Acid           (b) Glucose         (c) serotonin              (d) Aspartame

( Subjective )

 Q.No.2 Give short answer of followings short questions.   2×8=16

1.Define chemistry?

2.Define molecular ion give examples?

3.Cation formation is endothermic why?

4.what is relative atomic mass?

5.write two differences between atom and molecule?

6.what is John Dalton atomic theory?

7.What is qualitative and quantitative analysis?

8.Why isotopes have same chemical properties?

Q.No.3 Extensive Questions

1.write a note on mass spectrometer?                                                          8

2.Define Empirical formula? Write a note combustion analysis?          8

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Chemistry 1st Year T#1

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