Friday , March 27 2020

Cadet College Murree Admission 2019

Cadet College Murree Admission 2019

Cadet college murree is a military based college which offers admissions twice in a year. The students who want to join pakistan army in future cadet college murre is best option for them.

Qualification and Age

For admission to any class, an applicant should either be concentrating in that class or have passed the last lower class at the season of applying for affirmation. The age of the applicant at the season of applying for confirmation must be as referenced beneath:

a. Class  V 9 to 10 years

b. Class  VI 10 to 11 years

c. Class – VII 11  to 12 years

d. Class  VIII 13 to 14 years

e. Class  IX 14  15 years

f. Class  XI 17  18 years.

Now admissions are open in 8th class and 11th class in the fields of pre-medical, pre -engineering and computer science. The academic number of candidate in previous classes should be above 6o percent.

Last Date for admission: 18 May 2019


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