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Biology Fsc Part2 Test:5 – Inter Part-2

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                          Paper: Biology        2nd Year          T # 5             T.M: 54     

Q No.1                Answer the following questions.                                          (22)

(i)         What is thresh hold stimuli?

(ii)        What are sodium potassium pump?

(iii)       What is resting membrane potential?

(iv)       Define nerve impulse.

(v)        What is reflex arc?

(vi)       Give commercial application of Ethene.

(vii)     Give commercial application of cytokinins.

(viii)    What is modality of sensation?

(ix)       Name the postulates of Darwin theory?

(x)        Difference b/w re-forestation & A forestation?

(xi)     What is pollution. ?


( Part – II )

Q.No.2 Write a detail note on structure of Neuron also draw.               (8)               

Q.No.3 What are receptors? Give their various types.                             (8)

Q.No.2 Write a note on Excreation of cockroach.                                     (8)

Q.No.3 Write a note on.  (i) Eutraphication      (ii) Acid rain                  (8)


( Objective )

Q.No.4 Choose the correct option.                                                   (8)

1. In plants are wounded they develop mass of amorphous cells called
a Galls b Tumers c Calluses d None
 2. In plants are grown in absence of light they become long and called
a Etiolated b Chlorosis c Galls d Tumer plant
3. Coordination in plants takes place by
a Nervous system b Hormones c Peripheral system d Both a, b
4. Biological clock is due to _______ effect.
a Exogenous b Endogenous c Both a, b d Nutritional
5. Which one is electric weed killer
a 2,4 Dicholorophenly b GA3 c GA2 d All
6. Which of the following enhance action of Apical dominance
a Auxin b Cytokinins c Ethene d Abscisic acid
7. Which of the following produce in stress condition
a Auxin b Abscisic acid c Fibberaline d Cytokines
8. Glands are example of
a Stimulus b Receptors c Effectors d Neuron

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You can download  the above test paper Biology 2st year in pdf format by clicking the link given below

Biology 2nd year T#5


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