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Biology Fsc Part2 Test:4 – Inter Part-2

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                           Paper: Biology        2nd Year          Test # 4        T.M: 64      

Q No.1                Answer the following questions.                                          (40)

(i)         What is passive flight?

(ii)        what are feathers give their function.

(iii)       What are Setae give their function?

(iv)       What is jet propulsion?

(v)        Give function of Pseudopodia.

(vi)       Difference b/w origin & insertion.

(vii)      What is cramp?

(viii)     What is Rigor mortis?

(ix)       What is Homeostasis?

(x)        Difference b/w excreation & thermoregulation.

(xi)       Draw urea cycle.

(xii)      What is anhydrobiosis?

(xiii)     Give function of heat shock protein.

(xiv)     What is importance of trimethyle amine oxide?

(xv)      Define green house effect.

(xvi)    What is acid rain?

(xvii)   Difference b/w metanephridia & protonephridia.

(xviii)  What is renal pelvis & uriter?

(xix)    Explain endosymbiotic hypothesis.

(xx)    Define evolution.



( Part – II )



Q.No.2 Write a note on Different types of Muscles.                                 (8)      


Q.No.3 Explain Locomotion in Paramecium in detail.                            (8)

( Objective )

Q.No.4 Choose the correct option.                                                   (8)

1. Which one are voluntary muscles
a Smooth b Cardiac c Skeletal d All
 2. Troponin form bond with
a Actin b Tropomyosin c Calcium d All
3. Which of the following disappear in muscle contraction?
a I-band b A-band c H-zone d Z-line
4. Muscle fatigue is caused due to deficiency of
a ATP b Calcium c Actin d Creatin phosphate
5. ______ attach muscle to bone and are non-elastic
a Ligament b Tendon c Actin protein d Myosin protein
6. Which one is inserted in the radius?
a Brachialis b Brauchioradilus c Triceps brachi d Broachioulna
7. Euglena can change its shape with active contractile.
a Flagella b Flagellin protein c Myonemes d All
8. Rodents are example of
a Plantigrade b Digitigrades c Ungligrades d Active flight

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You can download  the above test paper Biology 2st year in pdf format by clicking the link given below

Biology 2nd year T#4

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