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Biology Fsc Part2 Test:3 – Inter Part-2

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                           Paper: Biology        2nd Year          Test # 3        T.M: 40     

Q No.1                Answer the following questions.                                          (16)

(i)         What is Hematoma? How it is formed?

(ii)        Differentiate b/w Hinge and Ball & socket joints.

(iii)       Differentiate b/w Origin and Insertion.

(iv)       Differentiate b/w compact and spongy bones.

(v)        Define Ecdysis and which hormone is involved.

(vi)      Define thermonasty and Nutation.

(vii)     Differentiate b/w sap wood and heart wood.

(viii)   Differentiate b/w Sclerides and Fibers.


( Part – II )

Q.No.2 Discuss Exoskeleton.                                                                    (8)      

Q.No.3 Write brief note on significance of secondary growth.          (8)

( Objective )

Q.No.4 Choose the correct option.                                                   (8)      

1. Healing time of bone is
a 2-4 weeks b 3-4 weeks c 4-8 weeks d 8-12 weeks
 2. Which one is inflammatory or degenerative disease that damage joints
a Spandy losis b Sciatica c Arthritis d Herniation
3. The most common chronic arthritis
a Osteoarthritis b Rheumatoid c Gouty d Herniation
4. The number of Tarsals in man
a 2 b 5 c 7 d 8
5. Which support the fingers
a Phalanges b Carpals c Scapula d Sternum
6. The clavicle connects _________ with sternum
a Ribs b Neck vertebrae c Scapula d Patella
7. Most of the increase in stem thickness is caused by
a Primary xylem b Secondary xylem c Secondary xylem and secondary xylem d Secondary phloem
8. Higher level of biological activity in nutrient rich lake is
a Acid rain b Water pollution c Eutraphication d Both b, c
9. Which one not effect gene frequency
a Migration b Sexual reproduction c Genetic drift d Non-random mating
10. Excreatophores are
a Stem b Leave c Root d Flower

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You can download  the above test paper Biology 2st year in pdf format by clicking the link given below

Biology 2nd year T 3

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