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Bear trouble children how to fight back? These success stories satisfaction of everyone after reading, learning!

I believe that many readers have encountered bear children trouble, actually, mischievous child is understandable, energetic, curious and heavy thing, however, is not able to bear children out of trouble with impunity reason, bear children It has been able to cause public outrage, more because of standing behind a bear or a group of parents: the child is not sensible, you as a parent it is not sensible?

Bear Bear parents spoiled child, but bear children out of the house, so many people may not have spoiled the. How to successfully deal with bear children, while allowing parents to bear “chew the tooth can only pharynx to the stomach” mean? Wit users have come up with all kinds of tricks:

1 , eye for an eye person in his body

Bring the child to the children’s playground playing inside the mall, her daughter was less than three years old, has been a five-year-old boy pushed around inside, but also grab a toy, he related to escape several times over, I told little the boy said: “the kids, my sister here to play, you play over there, okay?” the little boy did not dare, has also been pushed and grab.

I asked the little boy, your parents do? He discovered that parents actually been looking at the side, his parents said: Never mind the children, the children things that make children themselves!

Nani? Your five-year-old home, my family was more than two years, you let them solve?

But since he said so, and I do so. So I was on the other side playing a game called up son (9 years old and more), I told him that someone bully your sister, you go help!

Well, do not let children is the problem child of their own to solve it?

2 , children make trouble, parents pay, lost his life doubts

Hobby dubbing, because well-off family, bought a dubbing equipment, festival, relatives bear children in case I was not at home, secretly broke into my house on the second floor of the dubbing room, and a set of smashed equipment.

I did not directly lose money, just quietly took out to buy equipment invoices, relatives face was green, and finally fairly sensible to buy a new set of compensation to me, I heard the kid is home meal mixed doubles usually hear all kinds of spoiled grandson of Grandma lost more than 60,000, soft legs, did not dare to persuade advised.

3 , to bear its full opening, then …….

8-year-old cousin while I always pay attention, suddenly pushed me from behind it, and then ran away, said a few times can not stop. So quietly attention to her, she accelerated to hit me, I have a dodge, tackled her to the ground, crying, rub both hands epithelial rotten day chopsticks on a wedding could carry.

Bear children in the neighborhood I drew a car, I criticized him, he also impertinent, so I praise him, painting was nice, if a red car accompanied by his paintings certainly look better. The results bear children in their own car (red) drew a stick figure with small pieces of stone, in the evening, the whole alley of people have heard the child crying bear.

These cases deal with bear children, it is uplifting to see! In addition to these methods, as well as smacking, recommend remedial classes to bear the child’s parents to send children bear a set of exercise books and other operations, as the case we can decide what method to deal with the bear children.

Have you had success against bear children experience? Welcome messages, and share with everyone! thank!

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