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9th Class English 1st Half Book Test 2019

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Class 9Th Paper: English Objective 
Q.1 A) Pick The Correct Form Of Verb.                                                        4
1). I would ….to add a bit more to it a) like b) liked c) had liked d) liking

2). He was very old &….blind a) had become b) will become c) becomes d) has become
3). I ….lonely as a cloud a) wander b) wandered c) shall wander d) am wander
4). I can … you a) recited b) recites c) recite d) reciting
B) Choose The Word With Correct Spelling.                                              4
6). a) poatical b) peoticial c) poetical d) poeticle
7). a) entigraty b) integrity c) intagrity d) integraty
8). a) impact b) impact c) impact d) empact
9). a) wealth b) walth c) waelth d) vealth
C) Choose The Correct Option.                                                                       5
10). “eloquence” means a) passive b) fluent c) quiet d) active
11).“ willing” means a) ready b) necessary c) needy d) unhappy
12).The word “Conclusion” means a) end b) beginning c) disbelief d) failure
13). “furious” means a) calm b) happy c) tame d) infuriated
14). In vacant or in pensive mood. a) terrible b) happy c) thoughtful d) funny
D) Choose The Correct Option According To Grammar.                        5
15). Patriotism is a live spirit a) shield b) tradition c) unity d) passion
16). I know the women…child was hurt a) that b) who c) which d) whose
17).We are studying …. English a) The b) an c) a d) none of these
18). He is fond of cooking a) pronoun b) gerund c) article d) preposition
19). She gave me false information a) noun b) adjective c) adverb d) pronoun

Class 9Th                         Paper: English Subjective                      Marks: 56
Q.2:- Translate in to Urdu                                                                               (08)
a). I continued to work on Hira. But she was not making much recovery. I felt as helpless as she was to see her lie on bed in a miserable state. Could I be able to justify my stance before the senior doctors? I did not lose hope.
b). Noise pollution is defined as any form of noise that disrupts the normal functioning of life. Whenever left unchecked, it can have genuine impacts, on the brain and group of people and in addition creatures.

Q.3:- Answer the following Question.                                                          (10)

1). How do you define noise pollution? (2). Why is noise dangerous for human health? (3). How does the interior of the mosque look? (4). Why did the nurse disagree with the doctors point of view? 5).what do you understand by term counseling.

Q.4:- Write down a Summary “Stopping by woods on snowy evening”. (05)

Q.5:- Write a letter to your friend congratulating him to the marriage of her sister.                                                                                                        (05)

Q.6:- Make the sentences of following words.                                           (10)
Construct , physical , profession , miracle , attend to

Q.7:- Change the Voice.                                                                                     (05)

a) You will not have caught the thief.

b) Your letter will not be replied.

c) He had already made tea.

d) Ali was not punishing me.

e) we are doing our duty.

Q.8:- Translate into English                                                                            (05)

Q.9:- Read the paragraph and answer the following questions.          (05)
A tailor ran a shop in bazaar. An elephant used to go the river through that bazaar. The tailor gave him a bun every day. One day the tailor pricked a needle into the storage compartment of the elephant. The elephant ended up furious yet left. On return he filled his trunk with sloppy water. On achieving the shop of the tailor he put his trunk into it and squirted the grimy water into the shop of the tailor. All the fine and new dresses of his clients were ruined. He was extremely sad for irritating the elephant however it was no utilization of crying over spilt drain.

1).what did the tailor give him?

2).What is the moral of story.

3). What did the mistake tailor make one day?

4). What did the elephant do subsequent to drinking water?

5). How did the elephant rebuff the tailor for his error?

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