9th Class Computer Science Book in English Urdu 2022

The latest edition of the 9th Class Computer Science Book in English Punjab Education. Computer Science 9th Book For All Punjab Cities, Faisalabad, Lahore, and Others. The 9th grade Matric Computer Science Book PDF is also available for English Medium. Download Book 9th Class Computer Science PDF.

9th Class Computer Science Book in English

Students must bring their books to school. The school also requires that students bring their textbooks as they are vital for learning. You will find a lot of information on key concepts, as well as everything about the subject like Problem-solving, soft copy, or hard copy.

9th Class Computer Science Book in English 2022

Get 9th Grade Computer Science Chapters Online

Students who are having trouble finding the computer book for class 9 can download 9th Class Computer Science PDF 2022 from our website. It is not necessary to visit a bookstore to get a replacement book if you lose your textbook. The computer science book can be downloaded in PDF format for even more convenience. You can download the 9th Class Computer Science Book English Medium in PDF format as well as the 9th Grade Computer Science Book Urdu Medium in PDF format. Both versions can be downloaded online in the most recent editions via our website.

Computer Book Class 9 Punjab Board

Computer science is one the most fascinating books because it covers the study of computers from the past and the present. To help students understand various topics, such as scientific calculators, 9th Class Computer Science Book 2022 is essential. The book will give students the tools to score high in their final exams for all the Punjab Boards.

This book is intended to help students learn the basics of computer science. The book’s first two chapters focus on the computer world and how it has changed from the real world to the digital. All topics related to computer basics are covered, including website management, binary systems, and cybersecurity.

What’s inside this book?

Each chapter in the 9th-class computer science book is significant. Each chapter indirectly reinforces the previous ones.

This is a brief introduction for each chapter.


The introduction and definition of the problem are the first sections of this chapter. The chapter will reveal the most effective solutions once students understand what problems are. As the problem concept and its mathematical representation become more complex, so do the verifications and errors.

Binary system.

It would be difficult to learn computer science without having computer science students understand binary systems. This chapter will begin with the revision and then move to the conversion of number systems. This chapter is about the data and memory sizes for a computer.


This chapter focuses on computer networking. This chapter will teach students the basics of network and connectivity in the digital age. This chapter focuses on network addressing and telephone addressing, while the final section focuses on routing basics.

Privacy and data

This chapter is about cybersecurity. This chapter explains the basics of hacking and explains what it means for ethical purposes.

Why is PTBB’s computer science and IT book reliable?

This book is perfect for those who are just starting to learn computer science. It provides a comprehensive learning package. This book is the best book on school computer science.

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