9th Class Biology Pairing Scheme 2022

Students will be asked questions from each chapter in the 9th Class Biology Pairing Scheme. Students can also prepare for exams according to the paper schedule using the paper scheme. The purpose of this is to get a high score by putting in the extra effort. The 9th class biology paper scheme for 2022 includes the following sections: An Introduction to Biology, Solving the Biological Problem, Biodiversity, Cell Biology, Cell Cycle, Enzymes, Bioenergetics, Nutrition, and Transportation.

The 9th Class Biology Pairing Scheme for all Punjab boards in 2022

Additionally, it has also been stated which part of the chapters students should prepare for the exams. Students should prepare for annual exams by focusing on the areas they need to master. Students are notified every year about the changes to the pairing scheme for a particular subject. Throughout the Biology 9th class paper, there is an objective portion and a subjective portion. The pairing scheme is given so that students have all the information they need about both portions.

Class 9th Biology Pairing Scheme

Class 9th Biology Pairing Scheme

It is the same 9th biology pairing assessment scheme that is followed by all nine boards of Pakistan.

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Biology Paper Pattern of 9th Class 2022

The following table shows how the 9th class biology paper pattern or Pairing Scheme will be based on the Punjab Board’s examination in 2022:

Biology Paper Pattern of 9th Class 2022


There are 60 marks for the Biology paper. The practical exam will be conducted along with matric exams and are worth 15 marks for each.

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