Friday , March 27 2020

8G memory on the available memory on the phone less than 4G, which in the end is why? Tell you the root cause

I believe we 8G memory of the phone has been surprised, might even use your current phone is 8G of memory, the phone memory is now the pace of development can be said to be beyond the computer we usually use. In today’s notebook is still a lot 4G memory, the phone memory size mobile phone memory seems quite conscientious.

Why Android phone’s memory came to big it? Some small partners also discovered why 8G phone, the boot memory available is only about 5G it? 6G memory less than 3G, and even 4G memory available memory of the phone is switched 2G reach it? Why is this? In fact, no matter which brand will happen, because the system determines the mechanism of this phenomenon Andrews, Andrews on the phone’s memory may be essentially no more than 50%, which is the limit because the bottom of the Linux system brings , but also by its memory the operating mechanism to decide.

Linux is the default come up with 50% of the memory for system use, Andrews using the real-time memory mechanism, as long as the Android phone, the remaining memory can not be higher than 50%, which is the Linux operating mechanism of decision, linux system default will come up with half the memory to the system, 1G, then come up with 512MB, 4G get 2G, and now the memory manufacturers will be virtual standard memory specifications, such as when to get 1000MB 1024MB use, so the remaining available memory will boot less than half, which is quite normal, it is nothing to worry about.

So now in the end how much memory the phone is enough to us to use it? In fact, never use 8G, it can be said for most consumers, 6G memory on the phone is already enough, 90% of the cases you will not run out of even 6G. To say the least, 4G of memory on the phone would be able to a great extent to ensure the normal use of the phone. But the memory to run this thing of course is better, even if the phone is 10G of memory to run, even if it could ever put it completely without any problems. But rather a guarantee, no matter what your phone’s memory is ready, you will not let the ball dropped at a critical time. Because Android manufacturers will kill the background, that is, we often say that the empty background process. A program that will give you shut down automatically in the background and a half hours. When will you cut back on again. When you use large memory, which generally does not occur.

Of course, some mobile phone manufacturers for power saving considerations will still kill the background, so you just need to find a battery saving rules set up inside and then modify it. So everyone is completely unnecessary to worry about the memory aspect, the performance bottleneck on the smartphone now or in the CPU and GPU, memory does not currently exist bottleneck, so that if you want to get a better experience, upgrade your cell phone is king, the most important of course is to choose a strong performance of the CPU. If you use a 400 series chip Xiaolong believe that even if you use the 12G of memory the phone can not run out of it, because the entry-level CPU with large memory completely unable to play the advantages of large memory. Instead, the Snapdragon 800 series processor with 1G of memory, not only stretched, can not play the strength of the chip, so you have to match the job


So what you all have to view it phone memory? You use the phone memory is how much of it? Enough of you use it daily? Welcome to leave a message in the discussion below.

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