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5th Class English Full Book Test 2019

5th Class Full Book Test English



Q.No. 1 Tick the correct answer.

i) What did the woodcutter hope to buy with his riches?

a) a new house b) a new horse c) a new axe

ii) I____up early every morning. a) Get             b) got                          c) gets

iii) You____ another book.              a) needs                      b) need                c) needed

iv) Choose the adjective from the following. A) college b) cold                        c) train

v) The author`s purpose in this poem is to: a) amuse b) complain    c) inform

vi) “Gas is cheep” example of noun: a) countable b) uncountable          c) proper

vii) We begin a new sentence with:            a)  small letter  b) comma    c) capital letter

viii) The rat is sitting____the lion.              A) in                b) of                c) near

ix) I rode my___to the spot. A) care b) bike                        c) none

x) Jan came to the school in the city from:

a) urban background b) rural background c) Pakistani background

xi) The opposite of “earth” is: a) sky              b) moon         c) sun

xii) Miss Nadia told Salim that he was:

a) careless boy  b) naughty boy      c) a genius boy

xiii) The word with correct spelling is:        a) veriety        b) variety        c) vereity

xiv) You are not so____as I.                        a) big               b) high            c) small

xv) “Crack” means: a) combine b) break          c) wise

xvi) Why was the place unsafe for the monkeys?

A) Hunter often came there            b) Dangerous giants

xvii) Each of colony differs in:

a) color           b) body shape            c) chemical scent

xviii) “This is the____straw”, he cried.

A) first                        b) second                   c) last

xix) Neither I nor____play cricket.              A) you             c) us

English Subjective

Q.No. 2 Translate into urdu.

            This is a very high level civil award granted to people who have shown excellence in their fields over a long period of time. Arfa is until now the youngest recipient of this award. Arfa Karim also represented Pakistan at various international forums.

Q.No. 3 Give short answers of any five questions.

i) How did he feel when he rose up from ground?

ii) Who was the inventor of the Microscope?

iii) What was Jan afraid of?

iv) Why did Miss Nadia call him genius?

v) Where did the monkeys live?

vi) What are ant colonies?

Q.No. 4 Write a letter to your uncle thanking him for birthday present.

Q.No. 5 Write a story on title “A Foolish Stag”

Q.No. 6 Write an essay on topic “Allama Muhammad Iqbal”.


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