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12th Class Pak Study Guess Paper 2019

12th Class Pak Study Guess Paper 2019

This is the 12th class pak study guess paper, fsc, Fa, Icom, Dcom and for all other sections of inter classes.

  1. Explain the conceptual interpretation of Pakistan.
  2. Explain the theory of Pakistan in the light of the Quaid-e-Azam’s verses.
  3. Describe the initial problems of Pakistan.
  4. Told the location and importance of Pakistan.
  5. Describe Islamic provisions of the Constitution of 1973.
  6. Explain the basic points of resolution objectives.
  7. Describe ten good governance systems.
  8. Describe the important administrative features of Hazrat Omar.
  9. Explain the characteristics of civilization of ancient valley Sindh.
  10. Describe the characteristics of Pakistani culture.
  11. What are national issues of national solidarity in Pakistan? Describe their solution.
  12. Appreciate the economic plan and describe its importance.
  13. Describe the importance and utility of agricultural sector in Pakistan.
  14. What obstacles are in the way of industrial development in Pakistan. Suggest measures to enhance the industrial development.
  15. What is the foreign policy? Explain the basic principles of Pakistan’s foreign policy.
  16. Explain the sources of external policy objectives of Pakistan.
  17. Write notes on the relations between Pakistan and India.

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